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Communication is most essential human distinctive quality, which makes possible various links, contacts and interactions among various organizations.
Communication is also a universal phenomenon that has been applied to great variety of uses by various people all over the world because it touches nearly every share of human endeavors
Communication therefore is a very broad term is capable of having various semantic interpretations LITTLE (1980) described communication as a channel on of a world changing the colour of its meaning with a change of speakers or listeners.
The word Communication takes its roots from communication word which mean “common” when a source speaker or writer communicates what he tries to do is to commonness with his audience, the source tries to share certain information, experience, idea, facts, beliefs, attitude and redisposition e.t.c with his audience.
As a result, the word communication because of its universal nature and multi-disciplinary application has attracted several definitions from writers and experts in various field of studies.
Communication according to LUCEY(1991) is the transmission of information which involves the inter-change of facts, thought, value judgment and opinions which can take many form like face-to face conversation, telephone calls, letters, reports tabulations e.t.c
Communication according to ELEDU(1998) is the process of conveying information from one person or group of person, department or organisation to another through post, telephone, message services or by other means which includes transmission of memoranda, reports, instructions, minutes of meetings, invoices, orders, estimates, drawings e.t.c
The first definition extrays the important element of communication which is the presence of the parties involved in communication, that is, the sender, and the receiver and this is the clearly stated in the second definition.
The two definitions have only enumerated the channel of communication like mutual understanding of the message by the parties Involved more of definitions shall be discussed in chapter Two of this project.

Over the years, significance of this study has been recognized by many experts. The major important of this research work is to examine the human problems that normally occur in communication process of initiating transacting and receiving formation to focus on the identification of barriers to good and effective communication especially those that involves interpersonal relationship into the people. This research work would be of assistance of students, researchers and business organization who often make use of human effort to attain a corporate goal and objectives.

A company must have an adequate knowledge of its counterparts and the cost of production inn order to determine the effective communication model. The necessity of building various model of communication is to solve the problem being encountered by various companies because many companies had failed and wound up due to wrong application of effective communication model of their products.
However, most of the enterprises have adopted the use of various communication models, which has become functional and successful.

This study is expected to cover all the departments in the company (Okin Biscuits Nigeria limited), all the management and staff, the customers within the environment in which the company operates.
The limitation of the study: During the course of getting adequate and reliable information as regards this research study, I encountered some problems which serve as hindrances from getting accurate information. All efforts to secure a viable and sufficient information regarding this project were not appreciated by the management of the company. As a result, the management fails to supply all the information needed to enhance the complete success of this research work.
Shortage of fund is another limitation of this study: As a student, one problems encountered again was inadequate capital together all the data needed from the company immediately, as this has been noticed, the information’s were gathered in a hurry, to avoid high transport cost.
Another problem is that some of the staff was demanding for money out information and this makes me to do away with some channels which I found unnecessary.

Some of the research hypothesis to be used or tasted include
i. Ho: There is no significant relationship effective communication and poor management
Hi: There is no significant relationship between ,effective communication and poor management
ii. Ho: There is no significant relationship between employee efficiency and effective communication.
Hi: There is significant relationship between employee’s efficiency and effective communication.

The name of the organization is Okin Biscult Nigeria Limited which located at Offa in Kwara State. It is a private limited liability company owned by Chief Adeoye, a native of Offa in Kwara State. The Industry, which has been in operation for the past 30 years, was established in 1980. It engages in production of biscuits, foam and transportation services. The industry has about seven departments namely: production, accounting, administrative, personnel, engineering, marketing and public relation departments.
The production techniques in the industry are capital intensive for manufacturing process and labour intensive for transportation services.
In the early stage, due to the fact that the product of Okin Biscult Nigeria Limited was just introduced, fewer people were employed.
The market demand now has forced the industry to expand and more people to be employed.
The objectives of this company is to give employment .opportunity to the people of that community (offa) and to increase the standard of living of the people of that community. There target is to provide customers need in a profitable manner. It is the policy of the industry to manage the raw materials such that production process can run smoothly.

The Sender: This is also referred to as the sources, the encoder, the transmitter or the communication of the message. He is the one who has a ‘thought’ or an idea which is then encoded in a way that can be understood by both the sender The Channel: It is the actual convey or of the message and it links the sender with the receiver. The message may be oral or written and it may be transmitted through a memorandum, a computer, the telephone, a telegram, a television or face to face.
The Medium: This refers to the form by which the source elects to transfer his message to the receiver. The time media available to the source are the oral, the written and non verbal.
The Feedback: This is the receiver’s response to the source message and his marks the final stage of communication process or negative depending on the receivers level of understanding of the message and the impact or effect the message has no the receiver.
Noise: This refers to all the distraction which may obtain any stage of communication process. There are three types of noise namely: physical noise, psychological noise and linguistic noise
Stimulus: It is something which propels the communication encounter. It is an element that is closely associated with the source. Stimulus is the idea conceived the source or communicator at the interpersonal level.

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