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The research work titled “The Effect of Advertising on Consumer Preference Patterns for Malt Drinks (A Comparative Study of Amstel Malta and Guinness Malta) in Enugu Metropolis, was carried out with objectives.

·                     To determine how advertising has affected the decision to buy, Guinness Malta or Amstel Malta.

·                     To determine the brand of malt that is more available than the other and the consumer demand for it.

·                     To suggest ways the companies should follow to make better progress in boldling their brands and for them to satisfy their customers effectively and to maximize profit.

To achieve the above objectives, related literature were reviewed on consumer preference patterns for malt drinks. In addition primary and secondary data were collected to solve the research problem, and questionnaires were used as research instruments.

The population of study comprised the consumer’s distributors and the management and relevant staff of both Guinness and Amstel Malta Companies in Enugu Metropolis.

The researcher used census survey on management and relevant staff because the population under study was small, while Topman’s formula was used to determine the sample size for consumers and the distributors.

In organizing and presenting the data collected, tables, frequencies and percentage were used, while hypothesis were tested with Z score.

Based on the analysed data, the following findings were made.

Ø    The consumers in Enugu indicate that the price of Amstel is higher than that of Guinness.

Ø  They also observed that advertising helps to create awareness of both products.

Ø  Consumers are more satisfied with the advertising that leads to purchase of Amstel than Guinness.

Based on the findings, recommendations were made.

–        Both companies should engage in advertising   strategy that are effective and other promotional activities that appeal to consumers for efficient and effective goal achievement.

–                      The two companies should maintain continuous availability of their products.

–                      Nigeria breweries Plc should reduce the price of their product order to attract more customers.

–                      Guinness should look into the advertising that leads to more purchase of their product.

–                      If the above suggestions and recommendations are effectively and efficiently implemented, both companies will experience a profound change in their advertising performance and consumers will be better served.

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