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This project is aimed at producing an oven a purposeful baking oven with temperature regulator, which is economical and very convenient to use. The equipment was designed taking into consideration the case of its production, maintenance and services.

The production design which includes planning drawing and specifications of materials was directly followed by the actual fabrication / maintenance of the equipment.

The production drawing contains all the information regarding this equipment. These information were utilized to decode the operation sequences of fabrication of each of the components which includes, the body, cover plates, oven compartment, burner etc.

However, the manufacturing method was strictly based on the production equipment available. The functional aspect of the equipment and its durability were given adequate consideration in the project work other aspects of concern include the reliability portability and appearance of the equipments.

Then, this write up with details of the process and formulation of plan for ht e physical realization of the construction of a baking oven is divided into chapters which discussed extensively the working principles, choice of materials, the method used in fabrication assembly and arriving at knowing the safety requirement were not left out.


1.0            INTRODUCTION

In recognition of the fact that the country (Nigeria has been economically and technological under developed and has been economically dependent on the first world countries for survival and in an effort to soloing these problems, the structural adjustment programme was introduced by the Babangida administration in 1986. This plays embargo on the importation of some goods as a means of inspiring out people to recognizing indigenous technology. On the part of our engineer and technologist, the need for our technological emancipation was brought to sharp focus and thus zeal to bring about the much needed technological breakthrough.

          It has been realized that no country of th4e world, more especially the so-called advance countries of the world care ready to transfer their technology and yet scale and hide the salient areas of what they transfer from the recipient nation(s). So that they can be called on from time to time when the need arises.

          It is important therefore to point out, that since the realization of the above fact and the introduction of the structural adjustment programme, significant achievement have been made in the technological field and the wide gap existing thereof has been greatly bridge. Our engineering and technologists have been able to put all their efforts mental and manual into research designs and executive the production mechanism.

          These are the more reason why as young engineers motive of building this project was develop so as to explicit the potentialities in us towards the construction of the high performance gas-baking oven with temperature regulator which in no time would compete to any length with the original models of gas and electric baking ovens in the market. And with the current increase in the cost of gas baking oven and electric baking oven. We undertook this construction making use of local available materials.

          In recognition of the above facts one of the objectives of a nation is to ensure that her inhabitants enjoy a good standard of living at a relently low and affordably cost. Undoubtedly, this will go a long way in the creating a sound economy, one way of achieving this objective was to embark on the manufacture of products of both quality design that will satisfy the basic home needs and sell competitively at the internal scene and level.

          Having used and serviced various domestic gas baking oven, the idea of using almost local soured raw materials in producing a product of comparative standard at affordable cost was developed. This oven is not the first of its kind. It is a copy technology of an already existing gas – baking oven with temperature regulator but aimed at easing the difficulties in its maintenance and serving this equipment has got almost all its components separated. The cover plate under which the burner sitting is damped to the carbonate with nuts and bolts can be lifted out easily to enhance easy access to the burner gas channels and the control valve nozzle. The temperature gauge is fixed on top of the cabinate with the sensor inside the high temperature region for easy dictation of temperature level in the system. The oven burner unit is made up of two separates components parts. In forms of damage, any of the parts can be replaced instead of ht e enter unit.

          The intensity of the burning flame including that of the oven can be altered to various temperature level by continuous adjustments of the control valve nozzle. The opening under the cabinet which create channel for air/gas mixture for effective burning of the gas since  the flame cannot give an intensive flame burning without enough amount of air. All these have proved that its performance level has high degree of efficiency and reliability.


This project is constructed to achieve the following purposes

1.                 To design and construct a portable gas baking oven equipment with temperature regulator / sensor.

2.                 To design and construct a drying system with a high performance.

3.                 To design a drying system  that will be economical and low cost effective.

4.                 To design and construct a drying system that is efficient and with little or no complication in maintenance.

5.                 To design and construct a drying equipment that could improve on existing design taking into cognisance area of need.


The importance attached to the design of the gas baking oven is to accomplish a fast heating and drying system without burning or damaging the food one wants to bake. The attachment of the temperature regulator sensor to regulate the level of temperature in the system at a given time. This helps in dictating the engineer of temperature at which a particular type and size of food will bake. And after setting the cylinder gauge and control valve to the appropriate point, immediately the temperature reaches the normal baking temperature, the oven is open to remove the food. The sensor helps in dictating when there is burning or not.

The design intention was based on reduced cost, longer life span, quick heating and drying technique, compactness, portability, ease in transferring the equipment due to its light weight and moreover to improve on the existing design. Taking into consideration the economical situation in the country and possibility of promoting the marketability.


There are various types of g as oven dryer which poses are

i)                   Industrial oven dryer

ii)                Solar oven dryer

iii)              Domestic oven dryer

The design scope of this heating and drying system is specifically for domestic use or application as well for petty – commercial purposes due to its accelerated heating system and nature.

The limitation of the design of the equipment is based on its specification in terms of temperature, size capacity and areas of need to this end, the equipment is not suitable for industrial used where a bigger volume of oven dryer and multi cooker with large specification are ideal.


The preservation of perishable commodities particularly food stuffs is one of the common uses of an oven. The other uses are to effect, heating, drying and baking of consumable materials. In serving both functions and consider the area and situation of need such as resort centres catering school and Ribohen and domestic homes.

Hence the need arisen more than ever before to design a compact, easy to transfer heating and drying system of acceptable standard, that will meet certain essential requirements such as a portability and cost effectiveness.

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