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In our society today reading and writing has taken its roll as a way of measuring human knowledge.  Knowledge could only be obtain successively by the use of books for research but unfortunately because of hard time, books have because very expensive.

This has called for preservation of books already purchased, whether in the public library school or in the house hold so that it can use for future reference.  These could only be done by stocking books systematically in a bookshelf where by it can be free from rat, insects and other thing that could destroy books.

Our own contribution towards this development is the design and manufacture of a bookshelf that will be economically cheap and at the same time meet up its demands.

Bookshelf could be made with metals or wood and they could be attached against the wall or they could be made standing on the floor.  Our bookshelf shall be of the metal type standing on the floor.



A bookshelf is a device with partitions use for the purpose of self-guarding books and files in offices, libraries and at homes.

A bookshelf can be wooden, metal or glass.  They could also be design in such a way that they could be dismountable or undismountable.  In our project, we decided to design and fabricate on undismountable metallic bookshelf.

Amoung they bookshelves, the undismountable metallic bookshelf has the longest lift span because of its rigidity, quantity of material and it ability to with stand heavy loads.  In other words, the constant loosening and coupling of the component parts which lead to the weakness of the bolt and nut, thus subject the shelf to vibration.

Our project being the undismountable bookshelf was fabricated with variety of material.  The types of materials involved are mild steel square pipes (25mm x 25mm) mild steel sheet metal, metals nets (wire gauze) etc.  in this, the square pipes were used in the fabrication of the frame work while the mild steel sheets were use to cover the partitions and outside bodies of the shelf and the metal nets (wire gauze) where used in the creating of the two doors.

The essence of creating steel fame work with pipes is for it to withstand the stress that will be develop due to the weight of they material and loads or each partition.

In fabrication, the frame was first erected before covering with the mild steel sheet.  The mass and volume of the book to be contained by each partition were considered before they were erected, so certain experiment were carried out which will be discusses in detail in this report.


The metal bookshelf as shown in fig.1.1 is made up of the following parts and components.

(i)                The frame work

(ii)             The side

(iii)           The back

(iv)           The door

(v)             The top

(vi)           The stand

(vii)        The partitions


The frame shown in fig.1.2 is the skeleton of the whole shelf, it is made of 25mm square pipe and 25mm (1) by 50mm (2) rectangle pipe.  The frame was first erected together by mean of welding before the sheet was covered at the back, side, top and the partitions.

The frame was design to withstand the stress that will be develop on it due to the weight of sheet metal and load on each partition.


The side as shown in fig 1.3 is made up of a mild steel of 1.0mm thick with height 1473mm and length 501mm.  It was welded to the frame (at an angle 900).



The metal bookshelf has two doors, the left an d right doors which are covered with metal net or wire gauze respectively shown in fig 1.5.  the doors was constructed with 25mm (1) square pipe and covered with wire gauze to allows the user to view inside the shelf, to know if the particular book or file he/she is searching for is in that particular bookshelf.



The back as shown in fig 1.4 is made or mild steel sheet of thickness 1.0mm, 1473mm by height and 122nmm in length and was also welded diagonally to the frame (at an angle 90).






The top as shown in fig 1.6 is made up of a mild steel sheet of thickness 1.0mm and 1224mm length by 501mm width and it is also welded diagonally to the frame. (i.e. at angle 900)



The stand were made from a rectangle pipe and a square pipe, that is, the two back stand were made from square pipe while the two front stands were made from the rectangular pipe.  This stand were extended from the frame work to enable stronger gripe, avoid bending, breaking and also to avoid slip.

The stand add to the height of the metal bookshelf to total of 1525mm in height and there are four stands under the bookshelf.


The partitions were design to be able to contain large number of books.

They are measured 355mm by height, 1222mm by length and 470mm by breath.  The material used for the partitions was mild steel plate of 1.2mm thick was welded to the frame work of the partitions.

The volume of the partition

= l x b x h

= 1222 x 470 x 355

= 203, 890, 700mm


= 2(lb + bh + lh)

= 2(1222 x 470) + (470 x 355) + (1222 x 355)

= 1,749, 340mm.

This material content is developed to serve as a GUIDE for students to conduct academic research

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