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The major purpose of this study was to determine the challenges facing married female secretaries in their work places in selected business organization in owerri metropolis.

The population  of the study consisted  of 40 married female secretarial staff form the selected organizations. The entire population was used for the study. The research question were posed to guide the study A-30 items structured questionnaire was developed and validated  percentage was used to answer the research questions.

The  major facts of the secretaries were confidential and  personnel secretaries were only the type of secretary in the elected business organizations who were married female secretaries. The married female secretaries staff has ignored to put in practice their duties, responsibilities and qualities of a good secretary and this posed to affect them in their work palce

Family problems have reflected to the challenges that confronted them in their work places, which makes them not working as expected.

It was recommended that secretaries should reaffirm their duties, responsibilities and qualification should not be overlooked in their tenor.

Finally. Employers should device a means of training their secretaries in all areas giving adequate motivation to them and ensuring genuine human relation respectively.

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