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The research focused on television viewership among students of Kidvac Secondary School, Iree. Basically, the objective of the study is to examine how television has influence the education, social and moral standard of secondary students. It is obvious that television has both positive and negative effect on the way and manner which students behaves and interact with their pears. First television has gone a long way in improving and promoting education in Nigeria and throughout the world because of it unique advantage of transmitting in audiovisual. Children and adult find it interesting and it message always have an indelible impact on the viewers. The assertion that “see is believing” is very suitable to describe television message. Students tend to believe what they see than what they listen to on radio. Similarly there are lots of educative programmes to inspire and motivate students such as “Who wants to be a Millionaire” “Brain Test” “T.V teacher” and many more. While student often imitate and inculcate what they watch on television screen especially in the area of exposing them to illicit sex, drug abuse through drug advertisement, it also expose students to violence which may induce actual violence in them. The researcher use survey method to carry out this work complemented by questionnaire to collect data from students from the selected case study.

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