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The study examined the assessment of stress as a factor affecting mass failure of students on Oral English Language at Senior Secondary School level in Mushin local government area of Lagos State. In this study, some relevant and related literatures were reviewed under sub-headings. The descriptive research survey design was used in this study in order to assess the opinions of the respondents. the questionnaire was used to collect necessary information from the selected respondents, while the subjects for this study were sampled through the adoption of the stratified sampling technique.

A total of 100 (one hundred) respondents were used for this study. They are made of 20 (twenty) teachers and (eighty) 80 students who were randomly selected to represent the population of this study. The following research questions were raised to guide the study:

1.What are the likely causes of stress on Oral English teacher in the secondary schools?

2.To what extent does teachers’ methodology affect the failure of students in Oral English?

3.What is the difference between the academic performance of students in Oral English who were taught by experienced teachers and those taught by non-experienced teachers?

4.Does stress affect teachers work performance in the schools?

5.How can unconducive environment cause mass failure of students’ in Oral English?

The results obtained from the questionnaire were analyzed to see if they answer the research questions raised in this study. The data collected were analysed with simple percentage frequency counts.

The results that emerged at the end of the analysis of research questions showed that:

1)The likely causes of stress among teachers are: Taken their unfinished works to finish at home; having ill feeling or depression about the teaching profession, work overload, sadness about delayed salaries etc.

2)It was equally found that stress affect teachers’ methodology, which in turn affects the failure or success rate of students in Oral English.

3)The findings also revealed that students who were taught by well experienced teachers in Oral English differ in their academic performances from those taught by non experienced ones in Oral English.

4)It was equally found that stress affects teachers work performances in the school.

5)                 Finally, the result obtained at the end of the analysis showed that unconducive environment does not favour success in academic careers of students; as it does not favour teaching and learning process in schools.


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