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Consumer satisfaction is the economic justification for the existence of any business. Hence for any business to exist, survive and grow, the same plan must be strategic. So, this research work was carried out on the strategic marketing planning as a means of achieving increased, market share in competitive market. (A case study of Nigerian Breweries Plc Aba). In this research, we have treated these headings as follows. The problem statement which result as an increase in the competitive market of Nigerian breweries. So, the researcher is interested in finding out the reasons for achieving market share in competitive market. The objectives of the study which shows that the study aimed at:

(a) Finding out reasons for product.

(b) Finding out means/how to improve the products to stand the test of time.

(c) Finding out the importance of marketing strategies in the organization

(d) Finding out if other competitors are doing better than the Nigerian breweries Plc.

(e) Providing the necessary recommendation.

The methodology is definition is the systematic gathering, recording and analysis of data about problems or opportunities relating to any field of an endeavor for decision making. Having identified the research work and an examination on the relevant literature done, this area submits how the study was carried out, how the data analysis. Some of the fools used are: research design, sources/methods of data collection, population and sample size, sample techniques, validity and reliability of measuring instrument and finally method of data analysis. The findings from the table draw 13 of our data analysis; the answer to the question was clearly stated through various responses rates represented, which typically on the areas of Nigerian breweries. There is no positive impact of advertising in relation to customer’s patronage for their products. The conclusion from the findings, analysis and interpretation of the study. it is pertinent to note that the variables around which strategic marketing planning revolves on should be duly considered and implemented for the achievement of any company’s goal. The recommendations the company and the entire industry should always keep abreast of their competitors strategies, strength and weaknesses and where they exercise better sustainable competitive advantage to enhance effective strategic of organization should be considered to enable the organization determine the extent of its performance in comparison to its established standards so as to quickly correct any deviation notified and this should be done on a regular basis.

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