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At one tune in our history looking people appeared to be sufficient for choosing to work in the field. How as personal department preferring to work with humans rather than object is still important with it is grossly insufficient in these modern times personal department    is one of our most complex and challenging field of endeavor. Not only most of the firms requirements for and effective work full be met the personal. Manager must b e greatly concerned with the expectoration of   both employees and society in general. Society at large has produced  it’s human resources to have vital needs that move beyond a “work force” status.  The employee is simultaneously an instrument of the firm, a human being and a citizen. According to weichrich and koontz (2005) the personal manager is to designing and maintaining on environment in which individuals workings together in groups effcienty accomplish selected aims.

As knowledge expended in executing this roles the manager began to understand the necessity for ascertain and accommodating to the needs of human beings who constituted that workforce. He or she constantly searched for that program with would support the accomplishment of both organizational and individual objectives. The job was made mire difficult by such factors as the rise if the modern labour among the mare sing educational level of societal members the increasing size and complexity of the organization and its technology and the insistent and some times violent demands of less privileged segments of our society. The modern personal manager therefore requires a broad background in such fields as psychology sociology, philosophy economics and management. He or she must deal with  issues and problems that often do not have right answer obvious to all . there will be required an ability to understand that which is not logical a  capacity to project perspective, and a skill in predicting human and organizational behavior.

Personal department is getting activities completed efficiently with and through other people; since society expectation regarding appropriate treatment of its citizens are constantly changing the personal manager occupies a  unique position in the firm with aspect to defining and fulfilling this encourage  social  role her obligations are primary there in numbers. 

Ensuring that expectations amercing the quality of work life are met.

Ensuring that the organization is in compliance with appropriate laws and regulations effecting employees and.

Participating in the designing and execution of periodic social audits.

Beyond adequate understating and a safe work. Environment there is evidence of growing demand for challenging and interesting jobs according respect for personnel privacy permitting greater individualism in dress and life style and assistance in planning life long careers. A type of co-operate constitutionalism is beginning to enter private enterprise when the executive power to make on lateral decisions is restricted. The employee does not give up his societal citizenship when entering the organizations. there will be increasing expectations in terms of “due process” in deciding upon lay offs and discharges freedom of speech in regard to revealing unsafe on illegal organizational activities and the right to not reveal personnel  information concern to the organization. It has been suggested that firms should be measured in terms of that which will reveal the quality of work life such a absenteeism  turnover alcoholism drug  addiction and mental illness. If “acceptable  levels are exceeded firms should be fined or taxed just as they are when they excessively pollute the water off course measuring  and determiner what are acceptable level would be very difficult tasks. In addition it is not at all certain that the quality of work life is the only possible course for anabolism drug addiction and mental illness.

Through some firms successfully ignore treats issuing firm failures to improve the quality of work life they are much less able to avoid the uniform measures imposed by governmental legislation each year a greater obligation is placed upon the personnel manager to ensure organizational compliance with a lost of laws and governmental rules concerning living tracing compensating and utilization of various special groups in over society.

Personnel department is increasingly becoming a legislates process as society has become impatient with voluntary “social action” and through personnel department owns much to the intervention of government.


Despite the importanceofpersonnel department most organization do not give adequate priority affection to the importance role personnel department are of utmost benefit to organization this work is set out to uncover the effectiveness ofpersonnel department in on organization and to martin a workforce that would instrumentalto organization productivity.

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