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1.0 Introduction
1.1 Background to the Study
Mass media provide information among people at large so that there is acceptance of any idea to create interest. Mass media displays information about health and make people aware so as to prevent the spread of various diseases. There are various types of mass media (magazines, television, internet, newspapers, etc.).

The media have the power to set and direct our attention towards certain issues in society. This is the agenda setting theory of the mass media. In the words of Cohen (1963), the media “may not be successful in telling their readers what to think, but are stunningly successful in telling their readers what to think about”. Freimuth et al. (1984) have shown that many people rely on the news media for their health-related information.

Policy makers also obtain considerable amount of information from the media. As Bryant and Thompson (2002) have suggested that news coverage of health matters takes on considerable significance that has the potential to shape the impression of average citizens and powerful policy makers alike. In the words of Brown and Walsh-Childers (1994), news coverage of health “tends to ascribe the power to control individuals’ health to medical experts using high-technology equipment”. Studies have also shown that the news media tend to increase their coverage of health concerns as they affect the society’s mainstream and/or the greatest number of people in their audience.

 The communication media can be divided into electronic and print media. The electronic media such as television and radio, and print media such as newspaper and magazine were used in this study. The communication media are dominant feature of our day to day life and available both in domestic and public environments. They intend to engage people, to convey some kind of information, and to produce reactions in their audiences which justify their continuing production. Sometimes the main message is clear to the audience but it is also likely that some other meaning is produced in audience mind unconsciously. The purpose of these messages is to engage an audience and influence his/her way of thinking about certain subject.

There is a greater demand and need for accurate, relevant, rapid and impartial public health information by people, and a growing reliance on mass media as the main source of information. The public health community usually looks to the media for support, attention and endorsement and are considered as a primary source of health and science information, even for health professionals.

On the other hand, they are also seen as an important tool to disseminate health information to the population. The news media are quite important in furnishing the public with health information. In line with the agenda-setting theory.

1.2 Statement of the Problem
The major problem of this work is to study how mass media can be employed in achieving a sustainable health care since health is wealth. Mass media being a carrier of information has the ability to educate and sanitized people on how to live healthy even in an epidemics environment. However, the research will examine how mass media can be adopted in health awareness among the people.

1.3 Objectives of the Study
 To examine the extent which mass media can be used in achieving a sustainable health care in OSBC.
 To examine whether OSBC educate and enlighten the people on health matter and other environmental related
 To examine how OSBC programme improved the health education and awareness among the people.
 To examine if mass media message has reduced maternal mortality and children death in the society.
 To know some of the problem facing OSBC in achieving sustainable healthcare.
 To examine which of the mass media is most appropriate to which the people.
 To know if people exposure to mass media health programmes and news report have enhanced their standard of

1.4 Research Questions
 To what extent can mass media be used in achieving a sustainable health care?
 Does OSBC educate and enlighten the people on health matter and other environmental related issues?
 Has OSBC programme improved the health education and awareness among the people?
 Does OSBC message reduce mentality and child death?
 Is there any problem facing mass media in achieving sustainable healthcare?
 Which of the mass media is most appropriate to which the people?
 Do people expose to OSBC health programmes and news report enhance their standard of living?

1.5 Scope of the Study
Due to limited time available to carry out this work, lack of adequate funds, scarcity of relevance materials and this work, geographical nature of Nigeria and other logistics have made the researcher to narrowed the work down to OSBC because study Nigeria as a whole will be too large and problematic for the research.

1.6 Significance of the Study
The beneficiaries of those works have very numerous and to put it very simple and straight below are some of the beneficiary:
Through the research findings, Government will see reason to partner with mass media in reaches and creating awareness for the health policy and programmes.
International organization like world health organization and other none Governmental agency can through mass media programme educates and enlightens the masses.
Media house will at the end of this work see themselves as the eyes, ear and nose for the masses that passive, feel and disseminate health matters before it resulting to causality through surveillance of community.

1.7 Limitation to the Study
Time: there is a limited time in carryout this work.
Material: A relevant material on this work is relatively scarce as many previous researchers do not focus much at tension on privatization of media.
Finance: at the time of carrying out this research there was no enough money to explore internet and travel as many as possible to the study area.

1.8 Definition of the Terms
Roles: These are the functions or contribution on something or somebody.
Mass Media: These are tee means of communication to a large people residing in different areas examples of such are: radio, television, newspaper and magazines.
Achieve: This means succeed in doing by effort or skills or courage or ability to release something.
Sustainable: It is the ability to develop or improve something to support something.
Healthcare: The state of being free from illness or injury.

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