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Poultry Farm business plan in Nigeria is most likely a standout amongst the most lucrative businesses in Nigeria particularly when it is setup correctly. This part of animals farming exhibits one of the finest opportunities for business people to make huge profit.

This business plan contains the major things you need to know, to enable you start and make huge income from poultry farming in Nigeria. The poultry business plan pdf is a model reports for poultry farm business loan. It can also be used to access loan for poultry farm business.

Poultry Farming pdf

The poultry farm business plan sample comes in the format of poultry farm business plan free download pdf, and can be downloaded in pdf format or as poultry farm business plan.

How to start poultry farming in Nigeria

Starting a poultry farm in Nigeria is a good business decision due to some factors:
Because during recession Agricultural business tends to move more in the market compared to other market items. Also the moves by curent administration stopping business organisations from accessing FOREX to aid importation into Nigeria has also aided local demands for local products. These events has led to huge business opportunities in poultry farming.

How to start a poultry farm pdf

It’s one thing to begin a poultry cultivate business, yet to begin an effective poultry farm business out of it is something else totally. You are’nt going to end up distinctly as a poultry farmer only, additionally you will become a poultry “business” man or lady, contingent upon the kind of poultry markets you need to target and the sort of poultry chicken industry you need to go into.

In the poultry farm business there are two fundamental segments: Layers, which are chickens raised to create eggs, or broilers which are chickens raised for meat. Whatever poultry farming area you pick, you need to settle on a dependable administrative and budgetary choices to make your poultry farming business a beneficial one.

To start a poultry farm in Nigeria, you need to follow the Poultry farm guidelines:

1. Write a poultry farming business plan: The poultry farm business plan is one important thing you need to look into before you launch your new poultry farm business. The Feasibility study of poultry farm can help you pre-plan on your new poultry business. Poultry farming business plan pdf help you plan ahead on different types of breeds in poultry farm you may wish to start with, poultry farm waste management, poultry farm water drinkers, effective poultry farm equipment for your new chicken farm and where to buy poultry farm equipment in nigeria. The poultry farm buiness plan will also guide you on poultry farm employment strategy

2. Get land, capital and equipment: You can not start and run a successful poultry farm without Land or chicken pen. You will need chicken building for your poultry farm whether it is chicken pen, battery cage, free-range all of these need land space. You will also need loan for poultry farming or capital outlay of any sort. Poultry farm equipment is another thing you will need. Poultry farm equipment pdf

3. Settle on a choice how to best raise your chickens : There are two primary approaches to raise poultry. Customary approach which is having chickens restricted to barns that are temperature controlled. Free range poultry farm approach permit your chickens to keep running of the farm to carry on as natural as possible.
4. Decide the sectors of poultry business you wish to start: At last there are two major sector of chicken: broilers, which are chickens raised for meat, or layers- – chickens raised for their eggs. In any case, there are likewise alternate segments of the business that you can seek after. Eggs which are removed from human consumption (these can be from both broilers and layers) are brooded and the chicks brought forth and raised until they are at the correct age to be sold to farms to be raised as layers or broilers. Frequently the business of brooding eggs and raising chicks is separate from that of raising the chickens themselves. There is likewise the piece of butchering chickens for meat that is a different segment in itself you may wish to seek after.

Numerous chicken farms (basically those that are not routine) have more than one division of the chicken farming business to work. Whether you wish to work all segments or only maybe a couple is your decision.

5. Discover a niche market, if conceivable: Find potential customers for your poultry products, design a poultry farm website so that you could promote your poultry products. You can design your own poultry farm website if you do not have the needed fund to pay a poultry business website developer. To design your own poultry farm website use the poultry farm website template free download.


POULTRY FARM BUSINESS PLAN pdf: The importance of poultry farming to the national economy cannot be overemphasized, as it has become a popular agricultural industry for the small holders that have great contribution to the economy of the country. The poultry farming profession has assumed greater importance in improving the employment opportunity and animal food production in Nigeria.

The federal government ban on the importation of processed chicken or frozen chicken in Nigeria, without adequate arrangement for alternative source of supply helped increase the prices of processed chicken by over 75% and has since been the driving force behind the successes recorded in the agriculture.

AJV VENTURES is a company specializing in the farming and supply of broilers and layers from day old chicks. Broilers are usually produced for meat and Layers for eggs. This poultry farm business plan doc covers the ideal poultry farming strategy, poultry hatcheries strategy, poultry diseases and cure, the poultry temp,  Poultry egg production, Analysis of the profit in poultry farm business

Business Opportunities in Poultry Farm Business in Nigeria

With a population of over 140 million people and an estimated national population growth rate of 5.7% per annum and an average economic growth rate of 3.5% per annum in the past five {5} years, Nigeria has a large market for poultry products. Again, In spite of the achievement recorded in this industry, the poultry farm products falls short of its aim of self-sufficiency in animal protein consumption in the Nigeria, that is put at 5gm/caput per day which is a far cry from F. A. O. recommended level of 35gm/caput per day.

The short gestation period of poultry business if proper management procedure is followed is one of the attractive aspects of the project. Poultry are kept mainly as a source of meat and egg. Chicken is one of the popular meats being classified under white meat having low cholesterol and superior to red meat health wise. Eggs have both domestic and industrial use and are produced by layers.

The rising middle class in Nigeria has continued to ensure the market for these products. Hence the profitability of this business is enormous if the proper management strategies are followed. A complete analysis of this poultry farm business opportunity is captured in this poultry farm business plan.


The planning and development of our poultry business has been ongoing for about a month.Research has been carried out to analyze the market and likely location of the poultry farm. Day-old-chick, Feed and other Equipment supply has been negotiated with SAMAGRO INVESTMENTS and prices have been agreed.

Financial Potentials of Poultry farm business

Profit in poultry farm business: Following negotiations, a day old chick will be purchased at N200. In a period of two years, the layer is expected to produce eggs, the company expects to collect an average of 730 eggs from a single layer and would later sell the layer at N900 and the eggs sold at N20 per egg. Hence the company would make a total of N15, 500 from the single layer.

The company plans to start with 1000 layer chicks and 500 broiler chicks. The broiler will later be sold after four months at N2000 each upon maturity. The company intends to sell all the broilers within a month after maturity and to restock with another 500 day old broiler chick. Therefore after two years the company would have sold about 3500 broilersand to realize a total of N 7,000,000 from broilers only and a total of N15,500,000 from layers. The company expects about 10% lost due to death, hence the company would realize a collective total of N17 ,550,000 after two years of operations with proper management procedure.

The company is currently seeking for N 2,860,000 to cover the cost of day-old- chicks, materials, equipment and initialworking capital of the company. We have provided a detailed breakdown of the applicationof this fund in the Finance section of this document.

The longest lead item is the renting of a warehouse for two years and the equipping of the poultry house since the company intends to practice the industrial systems of production. In essence, operation is expected to start within 20 days of availability of funds.

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