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This research was conducted to examine packaging as a marketing tool for marketing consumer goods take NASCO as a case study. Data gathering were merely primary including personal interview and questionnaire ot management and staff of NASCO company. Percentage was used to analyze the data collected. The research was guided by three hypotheses formulated which was tested using the chi-square statistical tool to verify the tenacity of the statement of the null hypotheses formulated to see.




In the contemporary marketing, packaging has become so important that it cannot be ignored buy marketers in management of product. Marketers now pay more attention to packaging because of its vital role in the management of a product.

A market can commit a great measure of resources to develop a product invest much  more into advertising campaign and other personal selling efforts used as the most acceptable pricing effort.

Yet may discover to his greatest surprise that the product is not acceptable to the target consumers after a close receiver of the cause of such development. The market might find out that he has either used the long package or ignorantly not given package its right place in the course of product planning.

Nowadays it is obvious that packaging is a significance define and companion in the competitive market place. The widespread use of self-services sealing, automatic vending machine and battle for space. The widespread use of self-services selling automatic vending.

Machine and battle for space in the shop makes packaging strategy indispensable. Most middlemen in the channel of distribution are financial to centre to producers that uses effectiveness packaging. Safety in packaging has become a promotion marketing and social issue in recent years.    


It is noted that most marketing companies do not consider packaging as very important promotional tool when managing their product ingredients. As a result of these, it has become necessary to bring the knowledge of the marketers to the significance of packaging as promotional tool for the marketing of consumers goods must go into proper product planning in term of developing an effective packaging policies or strategies for their products. 


The ultimate purpose of this study is to examine how good packaging service as a promotional tool in the solves and promotion of a company’s product, and to give a guide to manufacturer of consumable products about some things that they should put into consideration when they are developing a package for a product. 


For the purpose of this study, the following research questions have been designed to guide study;

1.                 Does the packaging of consumer goods effect its smooth marketing? 

2.                 Does packaging have any effect on the promotion in NASCO Company.

3.                 Does the management of firms always consider the social responsibility of packaging a product?

4.                 Has the packaging of NASCO Company received criticism from consumers?

The question will guide the researchers in the study of packaging as a promotional tool in the marketing of consumer goods.


The two hypotheses were formulated for the study to test the two relationship that exist between the two variables “consumer goods and packaging”.

The null hypotheses and the alternative hypotheses were used for this purpose.

Hypothesis One

HI:    Packaging ahs numerous indispensable effects in the enhancement and promotion of a company’s product like the NASCO Company.

Ho:   Packaging products commands speed solves delivery.

Hypothesis Two

HI:    The completion of a product is not directly influenced by packaging.

Ho:   The completion of a product is directly influenced by packaging.


The significance of this research work induce;

1.                 To give firms clues on how to plan and produce a good package that will help them to market their product.

2.                 To make firms to understand the role packaging plays in the solves of consumer goods in self servicing store.

3.                 To enable firms to understand that goods packages of consumers goods is a must for any firm that wish to increase profitability.

4.                 To enable industrial operators to understand the various criticism of packaging by consumers of their product.  

5.                 To enable consumers to understand the role good packaging play in the protection of the consumable goods.

6.                 To enable firm to understand that package is not only for packaging products, but it is also a promotional tool.


This project is aimed at investigating the role packaging play on the promotional activities of NASCO Company as they affect the sales of the company  products.

Much attention will be paid to the company. The information received from them in form of feedback will then form the basis of this project.


Due to the shortness of time and limited period allocated for the writing of the project, the researcher could not thoroughly carry out a more detailed elaborated work. Besides combining lectures assignment and test did not make it an easier task.

Absence of currently published materials, such as journals and publications related to the topic posed another serious limitation to the study.

Traveling from Auchi to Aviele along Benin Auchi express way with motorcycle in search of materials for effective work did not make the study an easier task with all these put together. There was no way the researcher could prevent any of them from effecting the final write up of this project work.

Nevertheless, the best was still put in place, in using the available materials.  


Packaging: Means all the activities of designing and producing the container or wrapper for a product.

Promotion: This is seen as one of the marketing mix that communicates with individual, groups or organization directly or indirectly to facilitates exchange by influencing audience member to accept an organizational product.

Brand: This is made up of a name and a mark intended to identify a product of one seller or group of seller and differentiate a company product from competing products or competitors.

Labeling: This is the part of product that carries information about the product.

Price: This is the value agreed by the member in the exchange process. It is a means that allows products and services to get value in the eye of both  buyers and the sellers.

Consumer: This is individual who purchase or buy goods and services for personal use or household use.

Data Analysis: This is selecting the king of instrument you need to carry out a research by separating data into parts and interpreting the figures.

Product: Is any thing that can be offered to a market question use or consumption that satisfied the desired needs, which includes packaging colour, price manufactures and retailer.

Trade Mark: This is a legal designation indicating that the owner has exclusive use of brand or part of a brad and that law prohibits others from using it.

Trade Name: This is a selected legal name of an organization rather than the name of a specific product i.e. the name under which a company operates.           

This material content is developed to serve as a GUIDE for students to conduct academic research

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