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Motivation as a simple phenomenon that has elevated many firm and organizations through the additional input of workers in various organizations has become un administrative method to achieve target and set of objectives. However, this work is centered on the roll of motivation have played in the development of organizations and the challenges that most organizations have-come across in the recent past and how motivations have come to solve not only the problem of management: union CONFLATES but also the explosions of most organization through motivation us a spirit ‘d efforts to belter output by workers. The researcher how ever, observed that most polices regarding to motivation were not adequately functioning and the little polices that are functioning were inconsistent and irrelevant for workers needs and’ desired in organizations. In marking has been proved that motivating workers sufficiently with the relevance incentive as the only alternative toward: workers performance to achieve the goals and objective of the organization.


Motivation is a particular tool, factor that inspire people to work both individually and as a group to produce the best results for business in the most efficient manner. It is a thing that makes something to happen, this has become the major reason why so many organizations grow into multinational status and also give our more profit margin than expected. Without motivation as a catalyst to inspire or motivate a group of people who work under or for an organization, it would be very difficult to make a relative profit margin, because the workers who now have difficult unions which they rally around for job security and welfare have come to capitalize on motivation as a factor to greater workers productivity.


These studies which critically examine evaluate and intend to present the case of motivation on workers motivational ability to impact on organizational and product development cannot be over emphasized in such an era (21is century) that sees nothing more than the concept of high capital acquisition in organizations capital base.

However, workers particularly in the consolidation Breweries plc of Awaomanma in Imo State of Nigeria have been under study by this project research work to know whether workers are properly motivated and if they are not, what are the consequences of their not being motivated in the brewery industries and what are the workers union stand on such. Though this project work is not written to interview union leaders on the conflict existing over motivational issue or to instigate fire between the union and the organization rather it is written to know how motivation has help in the spirited effort in the high productivity of the organization where they work. Since the inception of labour history of Europe and America, the issue of organizational productivity has always boiled down to the ability of workers under such an organization to bargain.

Though some experts on labour matter may gone ahead in their argue its to posit that organizational productivity mainly derived from its special training given to staff member in various training organization but they forget that no matter the training or expertise of man, he needs to be praised, rewarded and encouraged if the best art of him (man) is needed r expected. This is where the issue of motivation comes in.


The index of sacked workers has been related to names of workers who are either not productive or who must have been tagged “in subordinate element”. However, most of these organizations that are used to sacking their workers have continued to record very low turn-out, because they have not locked into the issue of motivation in organizational development as a crucial aspect in their operation.


The objective of this study, which intend to examine and evaluate the role of motivation as a tool for organizational development. It has in its broad objective to undentify in what ways motivation as a tool has contributed to the development of organization. The specific objective includes:
1. To examine the impact of motivation of labour force.
2. To identify the impact of motivation on general productivity of the organization.
3. To identify what form of motivation should be given to achieve the desired effect.
4. To examine the extent which motivation could be used as a tool to resolved labor conflict?


1. In what way has motivation contributed to the development of your organization?
2. What is the impact of motivation on the productivity of the workers?
3. What are the various type or form of motivation available and how could they lad to the desired effect in the organization?


Ho There is no positive relationship between motivation and organizational development. Hi There is positive relationship between motivation and organizations development Ho Motivation has a significant impact on the productivity of a worker. Hi motivation has no significant impact on the productivity of a worker.


The significance of this study is to contribute to the few literatures that arc in the academic libraries scattered all over the nation so as to help labour organizations in negotiating out a well thought out plan lo increase the level f cordial relationship between them (union leaders and management) in the Nigeria industries, particularly the consolidated Breweries plc, Imo State.


The scope of study for this research is to the issue to lack of motivational factor the management and the consequences it has caused in the consolidated breweries Plc in Imo state, this issue has showed the growth of the company as it supposed to be experienced staff and trained workers have refused to put in their best instead, constant resignation of staff and low turnout of output coupled with absenteeism.


1. BONUS: This is an extra amount of money added to a payment especially to wages as a reward e.g. 100% Christmas bonus to workers at the end of every year.
2. CONFLICT: it can be seen as a situation where people, group, politicians or countries are involved in a serious disagreement or argument, conflict may as well be seen as a situation in which there are opposing ideas, opinion, feelings or wishes. It is a situation in which it is difficult to choose, a situation or period of fighting between two people or countries.
3. COMMUNICATION: Communication can be said to be the exchanged and flow of information and ideas from one person to anther or a process by which information is exchanged between individual through a common system of symbols, signs or behavior
4. DEVELOPMENT: This is a systematic use of science and technical knowledge to meet specific objective or requirement.
5. DIVERSIFICATION: It is a portfolio strategy designed to reduce exposure to risk by combining a verity of investments such stocks, bounds and real estate which are unlike to all move in the same direction.
6. INCENTIVE: An incentive is something that motivates an individual to perform an action.
7. LABOUR UNION: This is an organization of workers formed for the purpose of advancing its members interest in respect to wages, benefits and working conditions.
8. MOTIVATION: It is a psychological feature that arises an organism to act toward a desired goal and elicit control, and sustains certain goal directed behavior.
9. ORGANIZATION: An organization is a special entity that has a collective goal and is linked to an external environment.
10. PRODUCTIVITY: It has an average measure of efficiency of production.
11. WORK-ENVIRONMENT: A work environment can be identified as the place that one works.

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