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Nigeria is a developing nation, individual and governments are engaged in various businesses which needs a lot of information for their survival and for the purpose if bringing a speedy economic development to the nation. The management needs to have accelerated up to date information for planning and control of the business. For this purpose, management information system is need for decision making process. It is a study of how organization and its environment can exploit the new innovation in their daily operation. To study information system is to consider the broader issues of how information is created and use a human and economic affair.

The amount of information committed to the management is upwards which followed the proceed of F.W. Taylor which describe the management should only digest information in summary form. The manager ought to receive only condense summaries and invariably comparative reports however all the element entering into the management and even the summaries should be carefully gone over by an assistant managers before is finally got to the general manager of the corporations. The manager need to have knowledge of the past, present and future in order to be very current on issues considering the co-operation as well as other useful trends that might assist the Broadcasting corporation to non it effectively or profitably. Sometimes only one source of information is available to the management and managers are face with the responsibility of designing and analyzing their own information system. It is also important to a broadcasting corporation for a manager to have sustainable understanding of the type of information needed for effectively and efficiently production. All the manager need is for effective implementation of company goals or company objectives and for co-ordinations. AKBC is a commercial enterprise they must be bound for accountability. Since managers have to be accountable for the employees they are confronted with the task of taking effective decision in every issue and accurately information is only solution such issue accounting information is essential to the efficient management of economic affairs. Within the corporation accounting information needed and the manager must be aware of the type of accounting records adopted by the corporation and understand the techniques apply in book keeping of the corporation for policy making. The knowledge of this accounting record will go a long way to assist the management especially in the area of financial control and property coordination of various units within information feedback none the less is inevitable. Information is an eye opener to effective performance; it goes further to assist units in taking daily decision affecting the corporation. To study the role of information system is to consider the boarded issues of how information is created and utilized in human affairs. Good information system is an acid to managers to exercise their own judgment in matters relating to decision making. Where an effective information system is implemented, it is believed that the level of productivity will be high.

Once it has been well established, it mean task is to provide an effective working mechanism for top management border that the best possible action can be taken at the right time in respect to the function and operations in which it is responsible. Information is required by management for planning, control and for effective implementation of the goals or object of the corporation. Therefore the researcher will focus on the uses of information for effective and efficient operation of AKBC and will also suggest some of the new technological advancement in effective assimilation of information.


Over the years, organizations have refused to pay adequate attention to management information system as a significant means of achieving organizational goal and productivity. Information management has been greatly overlooked in such a way that goal and objective of organization cannot be achieved effectively and efficiently that is why this study would assess the role of management information system in AKBC radio and its impact towards organizational productivity.


  1. To find out the various means of information management system that would lead to increase productivity in AKBC radio Uyo.
  2. To determine the extent of effectiveness on the application of management information system in the public organization.
  3. To investigate the problem inhibiting the success of management information system in AKBC radio, Uyo.
  4. To determine the response of the staff of AKBC on management information technique adopted by the radio station.
  5. To suggest the possible solution to the organization and effective role that would lead to increase productivity through the application of a management information system.


  1. The study completion could aid both the present and future managers in the cooperation on the need of accurate information for management purpose.
  2. It could help to provide timely result for prompt decision making.
  • It could also be beneficial to the management of AKBC towards achieving their goals through proper evaluation of the types of information obtain for planning and control of the company.
  1. The research work will save as a source of reference materials to others who might conduct research study on similar topic.


The scope of the study is strictly delimited to AKBC. The researcher will concentrate on information obtain from management and staff of the corporation.


Since it is difficult for a research  student to carry out research of this nature due to finance and time constraint and no work without boundary, the information will based on information obtain from AKBC and information obtain from public work regarding the role of management information system in business.


Management: It is the process of utilizing numerous resources (human materials, physical plants, equipment, information time and money). In order to accomplished organizational behaviour utilizing resources 5th edition 1988.

Information: It is the basic way of planning and collecting business operation information in the life wire of business operations and plays an imperative part in the management of an enterprise. Thus, enabling management to response to situation while they are current and not historical which is essential of corporate goals are to be achieved – Anderson (1983).

System: A System is a sample set of entities that interact. It is an organized combination of parts which forms a complex whole or entity with inter-relationship and interactions between the part and the environments – British Institute of Management (1976).

Management Information System: It is a structured interacting complex of person, machines and procedures design to generate an orderly flow of pertinent information collected from both intra and extra firm sources for use and basis for decision making on specified responsibility areas of management – Anderson (1983).

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