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The Liquid soap business plan is a comprehensive business plan that will assist you with all the needed ideas and plans to start a successful Liquid soap production business. The Liquid soap business plan shows you liquid soap making procedure and ingredients and in raising capital for your liquid soap business.

liquid soap making business plan advantage:

  • The liquid soap making business plan is fully Updated with current research on liquid soap manufacturing processes
  • One great advantage of the business plan is that the kind of liquid soap is multipurpose liquid soap such as dishwashing liquid soap and dish washing liquid soap making recipes, hand washing liquid soap and its liquid soap making recipes, car washing liquid soap and the car washing liquid soap making recipes.  So in summary the liquid soap manufacturing business plan shows you: how to prepare dishwashing liquid, how to make car washing liquid soap and more.
  • The liquid soap business plan will give you guide on where to acquire soap making machine ( either quality fabricated or foreign imported soap making machines) for your production
  • You will learn of quality liquid soap making recipes
  • The Business Plan is a 9 Chapter Business Plan – of about 24 pages!
  • 3 Year Automated Financial Model in MS Excel it has a Complete Industry Research.
  • Bank/Investor/Grant Ready! – The business plan is design to enable you use it to access loan and grants
  • Exceeds SON and NAFDAC Requirements and standard!
  • liquid soap business plan downloa Automaticaly after purchase

Liquid soap manufacturing business plan – Table of Contents

The Business. 1



Liquid soap manufacturing Proposed Business Premises. 3

Liquid soap manufacturing Organisation Chart. 4

liquid soap business Required staff. 4

Recruitment options. 6

liquid soap business – Training programs. 6

Human Resource Management and incentive packages. 6

liquid soap business – Products. 6

liquid soap business – Market position: 6

liquid soap business – Unique selling position: 7

liquid soap business – Anticipated demand: 7

liquid soap business – Pricing strategy: 7

Value to customer: 7

Liquid soap manufacturing Growth potential: 7

Liquid soap manufacturing Operations. 8

Liquid soap manufacturing Raw Materials. 8

Liquid soap manufacturing Inventory. 9

Liquid soap manufacturing Technology (Software). 9

Liquid soap manufacturing Website: 9

Accounting Packages: 9

Trading hours: 10

Communication channels: 10

Payment types accepted: 10

Credit policy: 10

Warranties & refunds: 10

Quality control: 10

Waste Management: 11

Market research. 11

Market targets. 11

Customer demographics. 11

Key customers. 11

Customer management. 12

S.W.O.T. analysis. 12

Advertising & sales. 14

Sales & marketing objectives. 15

Unique selling position. 15

Start-up costs. 17

Profit and loss forecast. 18

Expected cash flow.. 19

Break-even analysis. 20


xxxx Group is a Nigerian Company which produces liquid soap. The product ranges from 250 to 1000ml.

the Liquid soap have advantages over other products in the market in that it uses an alternative path that eliminates the use of corrosive/unfriendly chemical component such as sulphonic acid, Sodium hydroxide and formalin. The existing liquid wash in the market contains corrosive and unfriendly chemicals as major raw materials, on application to fabric, cars and kitchen wares fades the colour and quality with time.

The aesthetics of this product is irresistible, its transparent appearance sparkling colour mixture, packaging and branding is uncommon compared to peers.

The raw materials are sourced locally and includes aerosol, citric acid, laurel, soda ash, fragrant and colourant. Standard and quality raw materials/equipment is used to ensure the quality of the finished product.

The company promotes safety by subjecting all staff to industrial safety via training, provision of safety boot, hand gloves, laboratory coat etc, to staff that are engaged in production section and visitors to the factory.

The environmental impact assessment (EIA) of the production process shows that there is nothing hazardous in the process and no waste generated. The market survey shows a lot of potential customers and a promising market. In spite of this fact, sales promotion will be carried out on radio, television, print media and the internet. Awareness campaigns and some other marketing strategies like giving discounts to customers on substantial purchases will be considered where necessary.

The company intends to demonstrate the product to target customers or the public as a way of promoting the product. One of the ways where this will be achieve is through exhibition, conferences etc. The major customers shall be household, restaurant, hotels etc. The company plans to produce a total of 15,000 unit of small size (250ml), 12,000 unit of medium size (1000ml) per month. Thus the sales target for the company is to sell all 37,000 bottles of liquid-soap per month and 444,000 bottle for the first year and over the period.

Funding for the project will be raised by the partners. Staffs will be employed during the period of incubation. More staff will be employed as the company expands. In conclusion, it has been demonstrated that the project is technically feasible, financially viable and economically beneficial to household, hotel, restaurant etc. within and outside the state.

The company is xxxx Group of companies. It will be registered as public liability company by Corporate Affairs Commission at Abuja. xxxx group of companies is a dynamic privately owned company that produces Liquid soap with special innovation. The difference between our liquid soap and any other liquid soap is that it uses alternative path that eliminate the use of corrosive/unfriendly chemical component. This definitely makes the product stand out as the neutral effect of the additives would have the skin naturally smooth and fresh instead of charming the skin lubricates it naturally. The Liquid soap has a combined effect of as soap and body vitamin. It is a proven case.

More so, the very low selling price for unit of quantity as packaged would attract very high patronage. Because about 80% of the raw materials are almost costless and the others are locally sourced from the open markets, the proposed unit prices would be sustained and might even be reviewed downward over time. Water forms about 80% of the product which is almost free.

Tested liquid soap making recipes

With our tested liquid soap making recipes in this business plan, your  Liquid soap will leaves the skin oily, soft after bath. It cleans the skin of pimples, ring worm and fight dry skin own.

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