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The focus of job evaluation is on the criteria used to fix job ranking. But in practice these criteria are broken into specific terms. For instance, in the word of Belcher, “Skill”. For example is often measured by education and experience, mental effort is often differentiated from physical efforts responsibility of various kinds dedicated “(Bombay, 2000).

By comparing different jobs across work related factors as skill competence, knowledge, responsibility, working environment etc to determine the relative work of each job performance by one employee and ignores personal abilities and performance of the job holder (yoder, 1999).

The purpose of job evaluation is to produces a defensible ranking of job evaluation which can be used as the basis for a rational pay structure following job evaluation, pay can be based on a related estimate of the contribution in terms of skills responsibility, length of training and other factors. Job evaluation has become a sustainable tool in determining salary and values of Akwa Ibom State civil servants.

Over the years, there have been a lot of complaints by workers against the government that some persons are paid higher than others.

Confusion on the part of the evaluator which in turn leads to inappropriate determination of salary and wages of the employee.

The following are the objectives of the study

  1. To highlight the in-adequate of present wage determination method.
  2. To examine job evaluation as a tool for proper wage determination in organization.
  • To examine the dysfunction of job evaluation in an organization.
  1. To examine wages and salary through effective job evaluation.

The following are the research questions formulated to guide in this study.

  1. Is compliances and conflict result of poor wages determination?
  2. Is job evaluation an adequate tool for wage    determination?
  • What are the panacea for all organization wage issues?
  1. Can job evaluation improve industrial relation?

The following research hypotheses were formulated for the purpose of the study:

  1. Ho: Complaints and conflict are not result of poor wage determination.

HA: Complaints and conflict are result of poor wage determination.

ii    Ho: Job evaluation is not adequate tool for wage    determination.

HA: Job evaluation is an adequate tool for wage determination.

iii. Ho: Job evaluation is not a panacea for all organizations wages issues

HA: Job evaluation is a panacea for all organizations wage issues.

  1. Ho: Job evaluation is not a tool to improve industrial relations in organization.

HA: Job evaluation is a tool improves industrial relations in organizations.

  • Significance of the Study

This study will asset the management of Akwa Ibom State Civil Service Commission on the appropriate tool to use in evaluation of job and how to determine wages and salaries in the Civil Service. It will help personnel managers in the Human Resources Department of an organization as a tool to be used in evaluating job of employees in the organization and now to fix appropriate salaries and wages.

It will help the government in her allocation formular to various federal and state ministries in the country. This work will serve as a reference material, for further research on the same or similar topic.

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