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The major purpose of this study is to determine the impact of interpersonal communication in conflict and community  development with a particular reference to Ivo Local Government Area. Data collection was based on questionnaire and oral interview and the data was analyzed with percentage, finally  the hypothesis was tested using correlation method. It was discovered that interpersonal communication plays a vital role towards conflict resolution and community development. The study also narrates how interpersonal communication serves as a medium of communication used in conflict resolution and initiation of development policy. It was on the basis of the above findings, that it was recommended among other things to the opinion leaders peace committee and community leaders to gather with community developers, that interpersonal communication is the best approach of communication because of its face to face and immediate feedback during interaction . However this medium of communication should be used in dialoguing policies in conflict resolution and community development.



Communication is the life wire of every living organism. To live is to communicate what a cell does in every living organism is exactly what communication does to human being and it entire environment. Communication is the eye through which people sees other peoples mind and know their intention and adapt to it and restore ecological harmony which will enhance development within them.

            For the cause of this research work, I will rest my study to a branch of communication known as interpersonal communication. Because of its authenticity and accuracy in generating information as a result of face to face interaction and immediate feedback in nature.

            The importance of interpersonal communication in conflict resolution and community development” cannot be over emphasized in Nigeria and the entire world. Interpersonal communication have played a vital role in conflict resolution and community development. Interpersonal communication is very vital necessary in community development, because of the function it performed in establishing unity within the communities that made up the Ivo Local government Area in Ebonyi State.

            The functions interpersonal communication can perform will be enumerated as follows settlement of land dispute, rural conflict intertribal crisis and other controversies among the communities. Interpersonal communication will be very-very vital in all endevour because it will enhance development in the community through dialogue because through communication there will be peace it is certain to have progress with development in our various communities.

            According to Chibuzor Asomugha and Anwuli Chukwukaelo (2014:32) Communication which is used in everyday life from greeting process of sending and receiving message that enables human to share knowledge ideas thought, information feelings emotion and  attitudes. According  to Nweneme (2009:21) interpersonal communication is the type of communication which occurs between two persons in face to face communication encounter.

He added that during interpersonal communication contact, it made between personal, one act as a sender or source the other act as a receiver or decoder. According to Agbo and Ezinwa (2008: 68) interpersonal communication cannot exist in a vacuum, they must be some  form of human interaction or contact, persons must be involved. Finally Okunna (1999:16) said that it is a type of communication that take place between or among persons predominantly in a face to face situation, she added that interpersonal communication include public speech panel discussion,board meeting and social conversation. She also stated that this type of communication can as a well take place in a small micro group gathering such as village meeting round table discussion  or meeting of academic and non academic staff on the other way community development can be defined according to Eberinwa (2011:109) as a movement designed to promote living for the whole community with the active participation and if possible on the initiative of the community but if this is not forth coming spontaneously by the use of techniques for arousing and stimulating it in order to secure its active and enthusiastic response to the movement. According to Onwuka (2008:13)    he see community  development as  a process by which effort of the people themselves are united with that government authority to improve the economic, social and political/cultural condition of the people to enable them contribute fully to the national progress. He added that community development makes it possible for the participation of people. Themselves in effort to improve their level of living standard with much reliance on their own initiative and priority as possible on the provision of technical and other services in a way that will encourage efficiency and effectiveness in development of the communities. However the term conflict means misunderstanding, controversy and situation that is so un-conducive to people and their programmes. Why resolution is  a process that involves discussion or dialogue to bring to an end of any conflict and restore harmony in our organization finally to identify the evolution of my case of study “Ivo Local Government area in Ebonyi State was created out from old Ohazara in formal Imo State and located in Ebonyi south. It is made up of two communities which are Isiagu and Akaeze

            Interpersonal communication has helped immensely in resolving of conflicts and as well encourage development in Ivo Local  government Area entirely such conflicts resolved and development achieved can be list as follows settlement of political crisis, interperty crisis that erupted in Akaze in the year 2003 and other communal conflict and land dispute between the two communities. On the other hand development achieved can be enumerated as follows; building of maternity home, hospital, school, pipe borne water, market etc which promote the standard of living of the people within the local government


The researcher wants to look at problems conflict and controversies which exist in Ivo Local government area how it have hinder development. The problems will be stated as follows;

1.      The political crisis that exist between the two communities that made up the local government in struggle of who will emerge as he local government chairman.

2.      The land dispute which erupted within the two communities in 1991 and other communal crisis.

3.      Problem of bad road bad water electricity etc.

4.      The problem of identifying felt need.

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