IMPACT OF NEW MEDIA ON JOURNALISM Mass Communication Project Topics

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The study investigated the impact of new media on journalism. The study adopted the technology theory. The study used survey design to generate response from respondents and questionnaire was administered to 20 staff of DBS Asaba. The study used simple percent method to analyze the data received from the field. Consequently, the study concluded that the exposure of the journalists to new media usage is relatively high and frequently used by journalists. Some issues such as poor internet network and technicality of new media devices because they lack technical training and mobile applications has contributed to the poor use of social media in journalism. The study recommended that journalists should be trained in the use of new media because that tem new media is encompassing which include technological applications, state government should ensure that new media technologies be procured in DBS Asaba to expose the journalists; DBS Asaba should develop mobile apps where mobile phone users can have real time use of the media programme and journalist should be opened to adapt to new media technological advancement,project topics on mass communication and journalism,project topics for media students,list of mass communication project topics,mass communication project topics pdf,research topics in media and communication,mass communication project topics in india, mass communication project proposal,mass communication final year projects

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