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As information technology is the modern trend in banking today it is very imperative for bank to access it’s impact operational performance so as to justify if the hunger capital invested on it is justifiable or not, analyse their problems and proffer possible solutions. The objective of this study is to identify how the introduction of information and communication technology has influenced bank performance in terms of effectiveness, efficiency, competitiveness, customers base and globalization of bank. The main research instrument used one questionnaire and personal interview for staff of the banks. In conclusion, the study revealed that information technology has tremendously improved the growth of the bank and performance of the bank of Guaranty Trust Bank. Information technology has lead to increase customers satisfaction improved operational efficiency, reduce transaction time, gives the banks competitive edge, reduced the running cost and ushered in swift response in services delivery. The research recommended that government should accurate actions that will create an enabling environment for growth in the banking sector, lower tariff on information technology, tool and equipment should be subsidize and also partner with multinational companies abroad to supply equipment. All banks should utilize information communication technology to render services, the regulatory agencies should upgrade their information technology constantly to align with the rapidly developing private sector banking pace, the government should be to encourage local information technology forms and companies towards meeting up with the 21st canting standard.

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