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This study is uniformed and designed to unveil and reveal Family Planning Methods in Rural Communities of Enugu State with particular References to Aji In Igbo Eze North L.G.A. the researcher assessed the acceptance of the different methods of family planning in Aji. Examined the extent of awareness of the existence family planning methods by the peoples of Aji community. Evaluated the effect family planning on the well-being of the family in Aji. The study also examined the relationship between family planning and the well-being of the family. Data for the study was sourced from two main sources which include Primary and Secondary sources of data Collection. Primary data: questionnaires and oral interviews were used to collect information from the respondents. Secondary data: journals, and other relevant materials relating to the area of my investigation will be review. Extensive literature review was carried out on the direct literature and indirect literature on books, journals and past works. The research instrument used in this study includes oral interview and questionnaire. The questionnaire is structural as to contain both close and open ended question. Simple tables and percentages were used in treatment of data analysis. At the end of the analysis the researcher observed that the method of family planning used by the people of Aji community are Traditional Methods, Contraceptive Measures, Conventional Methods and Withdrawal Methods. It was also observed that the people of Aji community are aware of the existing family planning methods. The study shows that family planning has positive impact on the well-being of the people of Aji community. It was also discovered that there is significant relationship between family planning and the well-being of the families in Aji community. Based on the findings the research her recommends that couples should plan their families by adhering to the practice prescribed by the planned parenthood federation and whose services are also given free in family planning clinics all over the country. Sex education should be encouraged in our community in particular and in our societies in general so as to minimize the rate of teenage pregnancies and child dumping.



1.1Background to the study

The term family planning has been on the lips of many in this nation for some time now but not much is known about it. The family is a social institution that unites individual into cooperative groups that over see bearing and raising of new children conventionally, the main aim of involving oneself into family life is for procreation, to bear and raise or socialize children into the society.

It is regarded that family exist in every society but in different forms. Family as a smallest may start in the form of courtship leading to the marriage life.

Family is a social institution that is responsible for procreation and raising of new brand of human being in the society.

According to Pope John Paul II (1981) the family is a common unity of person and the smallest unit. “As such it is an institution fundamental to life of every society” thus the family consist of a husband, wife and their children, the family live together, pools its resources and work together and produce offspring. The structure of the family varies from society to society. The stability of any nation is very much dependant on its families, it is therefore believed that future and progress of any society bear on the live and development of the young one’s in the family. It is generally felt that family planning is in the interest of development of the countries expiring high rate in order to avoid population explosion in the future.

In Nigeria, the treat is one of population growth being excessively higher than the rate which the country can provide the required service. If the quality of life is to be raised, population growth needs to be consider in planning socio economic development. Amenties have to be constant increased to make them available to large number of people looking at it in individuals prospect. The problem is even more critical, the ultimate objective is to bring about sustained improvement in the well being of the individual and express in all aspects of human right which include the right enough good food of the right kind of nutrition, good health education and shelter.

¨     The right to employment, whether self, family wage employment.

¨     The right to regulate family size and space children so that each child born is a wanted child who can be given a good start in life.

With the prevailing level of socio-economic development many of these right are not at reach of the country especially those in rural area like Aji. Family planning is considered necessary because it affords couples and individual the opportunity to realize their potentials and make significant contribution to the socio-economic development process of the country.

Family planning was introduced as a result of one growth in population of people, the rate of which people procreate has continuously increased as a result of not prepared for birth due to unplanned pregnancy.

This will help various married couple girls under age of 18yrs and women over 35yrs. Men who wish to space or limit their pregnancies etc to realize their potentials and to make significant contribution of the entire nation. The advocate of both population control and abortion tells us that the world is becoming over crowded that in another few hundred years. There won’t be standing space on the earth.

However, since the introduction of family planning came into existence in Nigeria, the government and some non-government agencies has made a lot of effort to see to it that the establishment and setting up of birth control clinics until several brunches around the country like here in Nigeria the planned parenthood federation of Nigeria (PPFN) unaffiliated of international planned parenthood federation.

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