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 The research work focus on the English language skills needed by secretarial students in Higher Institutions. A case study of Osun State Polytechnic, Iree. The population of this research work comprises the total number of 54 students. The sample of the study consists of 27 students. And researcher use various textbooks and oral interview and a well structured questionnaires were formulated and administered. Four researcher questions were used for this study (i) What are the spelling skill needed by secretariat students? (ii) What are the speaking skills needed by secretarial students? (iii) What are the literary appreciation skills needed by secretarial students? (v) What are the punctuation skills needed by secretarial students? The findings from this research question are (i) no English language spelling skill is too insignificant to influence secretarial students’ prospects (ii) speaking skill is just as important as spelling competences of English language (iii) literary appreciation skill language can contribute significantly to secretarial students’ prospects (iv) many punctuation skill needed by secretarial students. Recommendation were made that English language skill must be introduced into the curriculum of all secretarial and computer related courses. And it was conducted that English language skill is important that even the most insignificant English language skill can unexpectedly turn the table in a negotiation, interview or contest. The four English language skills are indispensable to successful performance of secretarial students.

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