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1.1 Background of the Study

In general, most organization exists for the purpose of providing services and at the same time working towards achieving profit motives. To attain sustainability in business given the complexities and competitiveness in business environment, firms must have their cardinal programme, provision of qualitative services as well as employee satisfaction.

Thus, achieving this goal anchors most on employees’ satisfaction. This is because employees can only work hard to achieve a corporate goal only when they are well motivated by their employees.

Schermerhor (2001) pointed out that a highly motivated workforce is indispensable if high performance outcomes are to be achieved consistently in any organization. This goes in line to explain that a motivated employee will certainly perform better than his/her counterpart that is less or not motivated at all.

Motivated according to Inyang (2004) is that which causes, energies, directs or channels and sustains human behaviour in work environment. Mullin (1999) in his opinion stated that motivation is a study which is basically concerned with people behave in a certain way.

Although the concept of motivation and its impacts on employee’s behaviour towards their assigned task is one that seems very few? Popular among managers, but in practice only very few actually understand and apply this concept to fulfill employees’ and organizational goals. Obviously a motivated employee experiences organizational or corporate citizenship, and therefore looks for better ways of doing his job for the organization. It is therefore the responsibility of the manger to create a conductive environment for the employees, and in order to succeed in creating this right environment for the employees, the manager needs to understand the nature and process of motivation (Inyang 2008)

This study is therefore central on examining the employees’ motivation and organizational productivity in Akwa Ibom Saving and Loans Limited, Uyo-Oron Road Branch in Akwa Ibom State.

1.2 Statement of the Problem

Managers often think that poor productivity may be as a result of poor promotional strategies or wrong used of the marketing mix tools. For that reason a huge budget is devoted to do advertising and promotion. Others lay emphasis on modern equipment and technology so as compete favorably with competitors. Some perhaps believe in just keeping top paying prompt salaries. All of these do not seems to improve output. Employees in research studies often response to work even in the worst condition when their welfare is enhanced Vans (2006). Perhaps managerial neglect to motivation may be a major source of poor productivity in our enterprises.

This study therefore aimed at investigating the role employee motivation may plan in proving organizational productivity. The focus is on Akwa Savings and loans Limited Uyo. It should be interesting to find what the situation is in the company, whether research evidences match suppositions of management teams.

1.3 Objectives of the Study

The core objective of this study was to assess the employee motivation and organizational productivity. Therefore for the purpose of achieving this, the following specific objectives are advanced:

  1. to determine the role of financial and non-financial motivations and employees productivity.
  2. to identity the various motivational packages available in the organization under study.
  • to assess how individual perception of motivation affect their job performance.
  1. to ascertain the degree of job satisfaction among workers in Akwa Savings and Loan Limited.
  2. to make recommendations that may improve the situation.
  3. to assess the relationship between high pay and employees performance in the organization under study.

1.4 Scope and Delimitation of Study

This study was designed specifically to carry out an in depth analysis of the employees motivation and the productivity level in the banking sector, using Akwa Savings and Loan Limited Uyo as a references.

Thus, this study is restricted to using only the data gathered from the employee of the organization under study; and within the context of this research work. Only issues relating to employees motivation and job satisfaction will be examined as they affect organizational productivity.

1.5 Significance of the Study

The significance of this study are as follows:

  1. It will show the importance of motivation of employees.
  2. It will reveal the strategies likely to motivate employees for better work results.
  • It will serve as a reference material for future researchers.
  1. It will expose the barriers to effective motivation of employees in modern day organization like the Akwa Savings Limited.

1.6 Research Questions

In order to aid the success of this’ work the following research question were be considered.

  1. What are the various types of motivational packages available in Akwa Saving and Loan Limited?
  2. What is the relationship between high pay and the performance of employees in the organization under study?
  • What impact does a non-financial and financial motivating factor have on the employees in Akwa Saving and Loan Limited?
  1. What is the level job satisfaction derived by the employees in Akwa Saving and Loan Limited.
  2. How does employees’ perception of motivation affect their job performance?

1.7 Research Hypotheses

Ho1: There is no connection between cordial social relationship among staff and manager of Akwa Savings and Loan Limited.

Ho2: There is no significant relationship between conducive working environment and increase productivity in Akwa Saving and Loan Limited.

Ho3: There is no significant relationship between pay and productivity in Akwa Saving and Loan Limited.

Ho4: There is no significant relationship between lack of employee promotion and poor productivity in the organization under study.

Ho5: There is no significant relationship between employees’ training and for job performance.

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