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This study focuses on the Emerging Challenges Faced Secretaries in Information Technology era, the case study of Office Technology and Management students in federal Polytechnic Nekede, Owerri.  The target population used for the study was 35 students from different levels in Office Technology and Management department.  The sample study was the same in order to avoid sampling bias.  The instrument used in this study was questionnaires and the study was divided into four research questions.  The mean scores were the method of analysis the study showed that Office Technology and Management students should strive hard to fit into the current age of IT to keep pace with the advancement in information technology.  Since it is to create new jobs and alters the existing one, conclusion was based on the result of the findings that IT innovation era poses a lot of challenges to prospective and practicing Office Technology and Management students, they should develop themselves to suit the IT offices.  Recommendations were made that should introduce the usage of IT equipments in Office Technology and Management curriculum in order to boost the knowledge of this machines on the students and also provide good lecturers that will lecture these courses.

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