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There has been quest for man to improve his well being, through reactions to problem and challenges posed by his environment. Tools upon tools has fashioned and designed by man to help him conquer these problems and challenges. The introduction of computer system into the scene could not have been for any other reason except to improve efficiency and to reduce time of provision of more reliable an accurate output. There is no doubt that the modern society and the accuracy availability and management of his information should be great importance to human being. The very aim of any organization is to make profit from the service it renders. The complexity of the management of any business enterprise has a direct relationship to the society and range of operations of the organization. Management information system is information to main objection is to supply adequate information management. The idea of (MIS) which stated in the 60s and early 70s was the system analysis would determine the information, and would then design system to supply such information routinely and/ or demand.

1.1 BACKGROUND OF THE STUDY Ministry of work was founded alongside with other ministries after the creation of Imo state in 1767 under the administration of Ndubisi Kalu, the then Governor of Imo state, formally ministry of works was under the ministry of works, housing and transport. Currently, ministry of works Owerri is at block 6, state secretariat along Port Harcourt Road Owerri. Ministry of works was created for the responsibility of monitoring the building industry and for the construction of roads.

1.2 STATEMENT OF THE PROBLEM • In a large firm like Nigeria Breweries where there are thousands of receipt issued, the manual recording system tends to be complex, tedious and voluminous to handle. Consequently, obtaining raw materials is delayed due to tedious file management consumption. The recording of sales and cash received are done manually on a book that appears rough. Thus, the books are exposed to physical damage, information can be lost and dust particles are accumulated. • The long list of supply orders waiting to be attended to on daily basis. • The control system is time consuming, less accurate and less efficient, and the environment is not user friendly. • Inaccuracies often ensue from human error. In view of the above stated problems, it becomes necessary to develop an inventory control software whose benefit and advantages outweighs that of manual system. It is expected that the manual operations and activities will be giving the company an optimal output.

1.3 OBJECTIVES OF THE STUDY The overall objective of this project is to design and implementation.

The specific objectives are:

1. To enhance front-end data capture

2. To quicken the search for a particular information

3. To improve file keeping and handing facilities

4. To ensure the production of reliable time timely and accurate management information

5. To improve the handling of contract

1.4 SIGNIFICANCE OF THE STUDY Man had moved from primitive stages in industrial age to recent to information technology age. Computerized contract information system is the fundamental and the bedrock for information (IT). The significance of this research work is to demonstrate how ministry of works needs could be met efficiently and effectively through the application of tools and method made availability by new advanced in since and technology. 1.5 SCOPE OF THE STUDY The work is concerned with the designed of an information system for contract management that will efficiently handle the various activities in ministry of works Owerri. This covers all the information needed for managing any contract for the ministry.

1.6 LIMITATIONS OF THE STUDY 1. This work by its nature is exhibited and demanded a lot of timed financial resources man power, and energy to give it effective coverage.

2. In spite of these, the staff interviews were not too open as they think that they are exposing their personal information and data.

3. The research’s inadequate financial resources might have affected the extent, depth and complexity of the software produced as you may notice.

1.7 DEFINITION OF BASIC CONCEPTS Agent: A representative which act on behalf of other person or organization. Management: This is the acting management handling, directing or control, it can also be looked at as skill in managing executive ability. It is also considered as the person or persons controlling and directing the affairs of an instruction or business. Computer: This is an electronic machine operator under the control of instruction, store in its own memory unit which can accept data, process these data without human intervention, producing output form the processor and store both the data and output for future use. Implement: To put something into effect or action. Contract: This is form or a legally binding agreement between the parties identities in the agreement of fulfill all the terms and condition outlined in the agreement. Design: The act of creating an objects form and functions. Design can involve making products, machines purpose and are pleasing to the eye as well. Information: This is a data that has been processed in a useful format that will enable an individual to gain knowledge in order to make decision. Online: An activated and read for operation, that is capable or communicating with or being controlled by a computer. “An outlining database. Software: Computer software and program instruction that control and coordinated the activities of the computer hardware and direct the processing of data. System: A system is said to be a group of things or a set of components, ideas, theories procedures etc working together for which a particular or specific objective can be acquired.

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