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The objective of this project work is to design and develop a distributed database system for national electoral commission to check-mate double registration and voting during election. I was motivated due to the problems uncounted during election which include: Double registration of people, double voting during election and poor security of the stored data in the database. The top-down approach was used in the system design of this research while the methodology adopted in this research work was structured system analysis design methodology (SSADM), interview, observation and internet, programming language used for the software development was Java and SQL for the database design. The expected result after design will be a system that will provide a user friendly interface for the administrator and electorate to easily cast their votes and automatically check-mate and detect double voting and registration during election.


This work is organized into seven chapters.

CHAPTER ONE:         Highlights the native, aims and objectives of the project, the general work to be done, what it will achieve and benefits derivable there from.

CHAPTER TWO:        Reviews some literature of related subject matter by earlier authors.

CHAPTER THREE: Describes and analyses the existing system, states its mode of operation and identities the problem facing at, providing possible solution thereof.

CHAPTER FOUR:       Treats the design of the new system.  Things in the present system as well as the new structure and design elements that are needed to properly implement the new system are also described.

CHAPTER FIVE:        Deals with the implementations phase, comprising program design, coding and testing.

CHAPTER SIX: Presents the documentation of the new system, describing the functionality of various parts of the program.  It also provides a risers guide to using the system.

CHAPTER SEVEN:    Gives some concluding remarks as well as recommends possible areas of further research and improvement.

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