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Information is an important aspect of life. Vital information is the life wire or backbone of any organization. From sports statistics to the latest stock market price such facts keep people abreast of time.

Computing, printing, photography and some recording are all forms of automatic information processing.

In all of these processed , the information as perceived by man, is captured, processed, transmitted and stored.

Finally it is reproduced in a form which can be easily understood by man.

Next, there is a need to store the information so that it can be referenced when necessary . computers are unrivalled in their capacity to store data. Therein lies the importance of application software which configure the computer to act as an intelligent typewriter or entrepreneur, so long as the correct command are given.

 A database is one of the most acceptable business software application today. It is a collection of related information that is organized for case of reference.

This means that one could maintain a database on paper, stored in file holders that were kept in file cabinets.

That was the case before the advent of computers. File had to be pulled out of cabinets, forms filled and paper shuffled.

This project describe how all these could be done electronically. It shows how information could be stored, modified and recalled instantly and accurately.

Information on staff of the establishment of case study is maintained, reports are lodged in and more reports are generated from these.    


The project is made up of two section namely the write up and the program section. The write up section is made up of seven chapter each chapter with its sub-headings. Chapter one dealt with the problems, purpose, objective, scope constrains assumptions and definitions of terms used in the project. Chapter two talks about the literature review on the topic of the project chapter three discussed the existing system its problems, input, output and processing procedures. Chapter four dealt with the new system, its design, and implementation. Chapter five talks about the program design. Chapter six dealt with the documentation and finally the last chapter which  is chapter seven talks about the conclusion and recommendation.



The security is the act of protecting companies asset, personal image, personnel and collection lives groups of properties. The main function of this department is to secure the labs and the properties that belongs to this institution. They also settle some problems in between the student and the staff. Eg streting of life and other things. The security department, I.M.T Enugu (S D I E) started in this institution in 1977. in security department, there was a thing they called “ABEEAT ”. BEEAT is an area given to the security man to look after it, during the working hour, to see if there will be any problem around. They also have a communication system, such as telephone, working talking, radio message etc.

This project ray emphasis on the security department (SOLT) of I.M.T. the security is one of the department under the function called health safety and environment East (HSEE). The main function of this department is to project assets in terms of lives and project.


Security of data or information in many establishment is becoming a sources of concern to the management of the establishment due to problems normally encountered in each department of an organization, security its human, individual data, information and resources and its complexity and duplications some organizations prefer having a security department where all the information’s about human and material resources are put into a data bank which allows for easier access and retrieval of information. However, due to large number of processes that goes on in the manual operation and loss of information associated with it, it therefore becomes necessary to automate the activities of the security department.


Security department, IMT Enugu (SDIE) is the secure with many departments. One of such department is the security department although the operation of all this departments have not be computerized but security been vital to the development of I.M.T Enugu needs to be computerized at all cost. A continued manual operation of the security department of I.M.T Enugu will endanger or put the operation  of IMT in jeopardy, hence the purpose of this project is to automate the operation of the security department in order to ensure good co-ordinations.


 Inspite of the larges of I.M.T, the level of automation and computing done there, it may be a little surprising to discover that there are some areas where computing is still at the grassroots level. An one of such is the security department (SDIE0).

 SDIE is very crucial and sensitive. Its importance cannot be over emphasized. It required a certain degree of projection and secrecy, especially of vital information. These cannot be realized in their current system of operation, which is all manual. The aim of this project is to develop a computer software which will maintain a database for the operation of SIDE. It will also provide procedure for the management of other security related information.


The scope of this project depends on the available facilities and resources  both human and material. The project will cover two broad aspects, those of staff and security information within the limit of available facilities and information given by the IMT staff.


This project will cover two broad area of security department.


 This should feature all pertinent information such as the staff name, the staff employment number, residential address, gender (male or female) etc. which might be useful in staff administration.


 This should have facilities for lodging field reports into the system. periodic reports can be generated at intervals, from these. Moreso, other security information can be obtained from this areas. The software will also incorporate  a facility for file maintenance, operations which would be used to update and modify the records whenever necessary.

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