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This study was carried out as a result of the topic inadequate delegation of authority on the Nigeria civil service with a particular reference to the ministry of health Enugu State. And this appears to be the case study of this project. In order to carry out this work, the researcher, went for a thorough research on the ministry of health Enugu in order to investigate the causes and effects of inadequate delegation of authority in ministry of Health Enugu in order to investigate the causes and effects of inadequate delegation of authority in ministry of Health, Enugu State and come out with useful recommendation. This research was based on the use of survey method of research techniques, primary data such as book and journal were used for the project. The questionnaire was massively produced and distributed by the researcher directly to the various categories of staff of the ministry of health Enugu state numbering as the sample size of the study of which 180 or 96% were returned. Validity and reliability of the Questionnaire had been earlier confirmed through pilot test-retest techniques, before mass producing and distribution to the size for the secondary data sources, the researcher consulted Enugu State university of science and Technology (ESUT) library Nnamdi Azikiwe library at the university of Nigeria Nsukka personal book of the researcher were also made and scholar in the area of delegation of authority were considered. Having presented interpreted and analyzed the data collected, the researcher were able to find out the following among other thing (i) That there is delegation of authority in the ministry of healthy Enugu state but not adequate (ii) That training and seminars given to staff were not enough (iii) That fund is one of greatest problems limitation against delegation of authority in the ministry (iv) That lack of modern equipment is another problem militating against delegation of authority in the ministry (v) That some supervisors hardly draw schedule of duties for their subordinates and follow it strictly. In view of these discoveries, the researchers came out with the recommendations, some which are list below (1) The supervisor in the ministry of health Enugu should be made to follow the stipulations of civil service rules. (2) Efforts should be intensified by the management of ministry of health towards sending their staff for training and organizing seminars for them from time to time.




The ministry of health Enugu state came into being with introduction of the ministerial government in 1954. The policy of the ministry was to expand and coordinate medical services in association with local government bodies local communities and voluntary agencies so as to health service within the reach of the common people. The ministry thus performed the function of providing and administering existing service.

The department and its executive have the responsibilities of checking adulteration of foodstuff, management and dispensaries mental health public and sanitation including medical and dental and other auxiliary services. Other function include the registration of birth, death and burial welfare development in medical health leprosy and tuberculosis.

It is common knowledge that majority of professional and administrative head of the ministry are not sufficiently interested in public health work in the past too much emphasis was laid on the creative service. The preventive service must be fully recognized now. They can be done as follows

A)          BY increasing the awareness of the officers in the officers in the administrative division of the ministry and professional offices in the medical division to the existence of the public health section and its officers.

B)          Joint seminar should be organized for the officers of both curative and prevention section of the ministry. Subject of common interest e.g material and child health nutrition, tuberculosis could be chosen for the seminar.

C)          Public health unit, should be included in the training programme of the medical and administrative heads of the ministry.

D)         Immediate action should be taken to except the ministry of health Enugu 355 staff in its headquarters and there are seven (7) major administrative department which control the entire ministry. Every department is under administrative that go on in the department. They are charge of staff welfare recruitments, promotion dismissals training pension and retirement of staff.

Public health service takes charge of heath of the citizen. They administer drugs to the public especially where there are no doctor on hospitals, for the purpose of good public health, the sewages and gutters and premises of individuals ought to be fumigated to fight mosquito and other related disease.

Apart from the ministry of health, the health management board in an appendix that is attached to be ministry. The board handles to headquarters for proper investigation. The board was not all the health posts are under the local government and it is under the local government and it is the local government that take charge of them.

This board was established in 1980 during the ministry regime and was political oriented. The board has its own administrative set up. These include administration, medical department, nursing and midwifery department pharmacy finance and supplies laboratory services and medical records. All the activities of the board accountable to be ministry of health the parent body. 

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