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       The research observes the role and importance of local government administration in community development with particular reference to Obowo local government area of Imo state. The research work adopted the structural and functional theory as a theoretical framework for analyzing the performance of the local government. This research contains five chapters, chapter one deals with the background of the study, statement of problem, objectives of the study, research questions, significance of the study, scope of the study, limitation of the study, definition of terms. Chapter two deals with literature review which review all aspect of creation of local government as a development oriented policy in Nigeria, definition of local government, function of local government , statutory status of local government, local government as agent of grass root development and references, chapter three covers research  design and methodology, introduction, research design, method of data collection, population and sample size, sample techniques, validity and reliability of measuring instrument and data analysis techniques, while chapter four deals with the presentation and analysis of data, introduction, presentation of data, analysis of data, test of hypothesis, interpretation of data. Finally chapter  five deals on summary, recommendations, conclusion, references, questionnaires and appendix.




Local government world over play very important role in the governance of any polity and due to this reasons, it was noted that the federal and state government of Nigeria based on large size of the nation will not penetrate much into the rural areas and for this purpose therefore, local government created as the third tier of the government to achieved development in the rural areas.

According to Kemjika C.C. (2004:24) the primary purpose for the creation of local government is to bring the government to local communities, so that the local people can participate fully in the process of government in order to provide essential local services such as the supply of waster and provisions  of qualitative education, rural electrification, good road network, good market structure etc and for development to penetrate effectively in Obowo local government, it was crated to attain this purpose in 1980. This local government came into existence for the purpose of bringing government nearer to the citizens of Obowo to provide certain basic services for the citizens at the local level. To solve common problems and needs of the citizens at the local level which could not be solves by the rural people alone.

Anamgba (2001:69) sees the functions of local government as follows:

i.            Maintaining law and order at the local level

ii.           To serve as a ling between the local communities and federal or state government.

iii.         To bring the government nearer to the people.

iv.         It also collects some revenue such as taxes, rates and licenses.

v.          It encourages local participation in politics, to provide essential services such as health care center, well electrification, building of markets, parks, maternity, fire services, drainage, control of water, control of beggar and prostitute and settlement of dispute, provision of public utilities, regulations and control of buildings, towns and provisions of banking services.

vi.         Finally, with the existence of Obowo local government the above functions will be achieved.


The dynamism of a state can be boosted by development or creation of local government in the rural areas to make possible through policy oriented based on research work.

1.  How level of awareness or ignorance of most members of the Obowo as to the contribution, as well as the benefits derived.

2.  Retarded economy growth or development.

3.  Degree of mobilization of the rural populace.

4.  Measure to be taken to ensure and enhance effective rural development.

5.  Extent the local government have done in the participation and development of rural areas.


       This research identifies the following specific objectives:-

1.  To shows that creation of Obowo local government brought development ion Obowo.

2.  To evaluate the viable development programmes and projects initiated by the local government towards the development of Obowo e.g. health project, education, industrialization and agricultural development.

3.  To access the degree of mobilization of the rural populace towards the increased need for rural development of Obowo by the local government.

4.  To examine the available sources of internal and external, and matching them into the anticipated development projects in Obowo.

5.  To shows that Obowo local government has taken an appropriate measure to ensure and enhance effectiveness of development.


1.          Do you think that the existence of Obowo local government have brought development to this area?

2.          Do you think there is even distribution of amenities by Obowo local government?

3.          Is the internally and externally generated revenue enough to carry out development projects and programmes by Obowo?

4.          Does Obowo local government generated enough funds internally?

5.          Have there being any development programme embark by Obowo local government?

6.          Do you think that Obowo local government programme have embarked on development programme by Obowo local government?


It is important to note that the creation of local government in Nigeria such as Obowo local government will help the chairman and its councilors to work effectively in order to develop the grass roots level. This study will help the decision makers to ratify the problems in Obowo local government faces in generating her internal revenue. This research work will help studies look inward in carrying out research on creation of local government in Nigeria.


       This study focused on the rural development of Obowo local government and in so doing, it is concerned on how Obowo local government have fairing since its creation.


This entails the problems encountered during the research work. Some people interviewed during this course of study were ignorant of the creation of local government. Finance was another problem, encountered since a lot of money was involved photocopying of materials and transportation to various place in the course of data collection.


These concepts are defined within the context of ths research work.


       According to Anamgba (2001:67) defined local government as a government created by law to perform local functions ate the grass root level. Anamgba also pointed out that local government also has been seen as the administration at the local level. However the state government where by the former perform local functions.


       According to Osigwe (2004:2) defines development as a change process characterized by increasing productivity, equalization in the distribution of the social product and the emergency of indigenous institution whose relation with developed center of international economy are characterized by equality rather than dependence and subordination.


       Ojo (1997:10) defines rural development as the development of rural areas especially local communities where social infrastructures are lacking.


       Anyaele (1987:90) defines self help development as the development of a community in which the people of the community contribute vigorously towards improving their community life without government assistance.


       The Nigeria journal  of public affairs (1990:15) sees community development as the development that fashioned towards improving the societal environment and the wiring condition of a community.

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