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1.1     BACKGROUND OF THE STUDY           
This project is principally designed for BRITISH AIR LINE. Air transport can be said to have been conceived when the first controlled and sustained flight with a prove red heavier than air machine was achieved by the writer on December 17, 1903 this earned America the birth place of air place.  It was in Europe that the airplane was first put into regular carriage of passenger in 1916, England, an airline company known as aircraft transport and travel was formed for schedule passenger, freight and mail service as soon as the war was over on August 23, 1919. it was international air service operation between London and Paris By 1926 a well-knit European network of air service had been established and the airline operated by British, France and Germany, Italy and Netherlands were playing 9 million miles and carrying 100,000 passengers annually. 
The project developed a computerized system for keeping records and efficient Airline Reservation System firms with particular reference to British Airline.     
The main purpose of this project is to develop an effective and reliable Airline ticket reservation system for the management of British Airways Organization. It is carried out to achieve the following 
*          Provision of service for the customer 
*          Reduction of workload on ticket reservation clerks. 
*          Provision of information that is faster, more accurate and detailed to the customers. 
*          Provision of a compact and integrated basic records of airline ticket reservation for the customers. 
1.4   SCOPE OF THE STUDY             
This project covered areas such as flight schedules, flight routines, flying time & also seat reservation.  This project has extensively covered how flights are going to be scheduled for intended travelers, so as to meet up with their flight schedules. And also covered the route and areas the flight is going to travel through. Also this project discuss the flying time for all traveling passengers, the time of their departure and the time they will be embarking from the flight. It talks about how seat reservation are going to be made for travelers how to know their seat number.     
In order to enhance efficient and efficient ticket reservation system, the significance of this project work can not be under estimated. This project would enable ticket reservation agents to formulate and implement practicable policy. It would also help ticket reservation agents to have unprecedented patronage and brings about improvement as well as provision of effective air transport services. 
There are some limitation that are experienced in the study. But the greatest has to do with customer services. The work of a reservation staff can never be completely replaced by computer since it involves dealing with the customers. Passenger are often faced with the problem of clarifying some issue enquiries, regarded their reservation activities in is only human being rather than electronic machine that can adequately answer all customers question and enquires. 
There are different terms used in this project the terms are common to all airline or airways such terms are as follows: 
*    Customers: This is the person that intends to travel with the airline at a particular point in time. 
*    Reservation Staff: This is the person that closes the booking and also takes the data of the customers and offers them the ticket of which they will board the plane with. 
*    Airline: It means of transport through the air. It is the fastest means of transportation in the world. 
*    Flight: This is the process at which the airline takes off from one place to another caring the passenger or customer.
*    Ticket Reservation: It is a process of taking booking for intending passenger who wishes to travel in an aircraft from one place to another.

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