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Communication is a process of exchanging transmitting, transferring, expressing, or impact ideas, sentiments and attitudes, felling meaning information or opinion   between individuals or organization (Sam 2005:2). An since management is achieving stated objective (usually to produce good and services) by direct human and other resources towards those end, the need for communication to achieve such objectives and direct human and other resources is a desideratum.

Therefore, information affects any decisions taken by the manager and also the quality of work done by the line and staff of any organization. Information to achieve its desires, it must be timely, precise, accurate and complete disinformation or misinformation is communication melody and dose make harm than good in management communication in a broadcast media, be it private or human  body. And communication in an organization must not only be but co-ordinate to achieve its objectives in management.

However, (Huntington 2013) linked communication to an element that binds organization of any human group in a sense that unless human beings within any organization communicate, that organization cannot achieve its set objectives and goals for which it was established. Therefore, line and staff within an organization have to communicate to be able to perform their duties well. For the flow of information and for a manager to handle his employees, it is important for an effectual communication channels to be in place the working of communication channel through a modern of communication, be it face-to-face conversations or an  inter-department memo, information is transmitted form a manager to a subordinate or versa.

An important element of the communication process is the feedback mechanism between the management and employees. In this mechanism, employees inform manager that have understood the task at hand while manger provide employees with comments and directions on employee’s work. A break down in the communication channel leads to an inefficient flow of information. Employees are unaware of what the company expects of them they are uniformed of what the company expects of them. They are uniformed of what is going on in the company this will cause them to become suspicious of motives and any changes in company, also without effective communication, employees become department minded rather than company minded, and this affects their decision making and productivity in the workplace, Eventually, this harm the over all organizational objective as well. Hence in order for an organization to be to run effectively, a good manager should be able to communicate to his/her employees what is expected of them, making sure they are fully aware of company policies and any up coming change. Therefore an effective communication channels should be implemented by managers to optimize worker productivity to ensure the smooth running.

Communication channels and productivity in broadcasting organization are global issues that affect almost all broadcast organization. Atlantic FM Radio 104 Uyo has equally been facing challenges in maintaining cordial communication channels and consequently, it has effected the productivity of staff in enhancing broadcast role of such organization. However the current trend of event in the broadcast industry is that there is also that tendency of the vacuum of communication channels practice, this could be so because productivity is lacking in most broadcast organization because communication channels diminish on daily base. Could it be the case of Atlantic FM 104 Uyo? it is organist this study intends to look at this issue and intends to investigate in order to proffer solution that could beef up communication channels in Atlantic Fm 104 Uyo.

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