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This research is carried out to critically review the causes of drug abuse among secondary school students in Oredo Local Government Area, Benin City as a case study. To make this research a reality questionnaires were administered to collect information, the information was collected from different places. The motive behind the research on the causes of drug abuse among secondary school students stem from the belief that students now engage more on drugs than before. This research also seek to find out factors responsible for the causes of drug abuse in schools. The collected data though questionnaires were analyzed computed in percentages. And the following were seen as the major causes of drug abuse in schools; lack of parental care, failure of school system, social disorganization of parents, unlicensed drug stores, and peer groups influence.




Drug abuse is a social problem of great concern in our society like other social problems; drug abuse has been attracting the attention of sociologist, political scientist, psychologist, philosophers, criminologist and social workers.

       Social worker in particular, have been working relentlessly to provide solutions to the problems posed by drug abuse, to this end, several causal explanations, causes affect as recommendations through drug abuse could at least the reduced in the society. But since the aim has not been fully accomplished, the need for more research work on the problems becomes more imperative coupled with the facts that the problem seriously affects the social, economic, political and academic lives of drug users in both rural and urban areas.

       Drug abuse has far reaching effects on the progress and aspiration of the youth of all lends. It determines how far the students can benefit from the available opportunities provided by the homes, the government and the community.

       Various definition and explanations attempted is that the age of the students is usually between the ages of 15 years and 18 years old.

       Drug abuse is referred to as substance abuse which involves the repeated and excessive use of chemical substances to achieve certain effects. These substances may be street or illicit drugs illegal due to their potentials for addition and abuse. They can also be drug obtained with a prescription, use of the pleasure rather than medical reasons.

       The most unfortunate victims of these drug are the students (youths) these acts or activities are never in conformity to the general accept modes of behavior in the society.

       Drug abuse can lead to rape, armed robbery, cultism, murder, theft, fighting e.t.c drug abuse leads to a wide range of anti social tendencies as mentioned above. It starts during the adolescent stage where the child feels it s fun to get involved in drugs and can develop into a chronic addict and can cause untimely

  1. Drug: is an illegal substance that some people take, smoke, inject e.t.c for the physical and mental effects it has.
  2. Abuse: is it to take or use something in a way that is wrong or harmful.
  3. Drug abuse: a drug is said to be abused when its use is not pharmacological or physically necessary it can also be used to describe a situation whereby the dosage of a given drug is exceeded by the user.
  4. Addict: a person who is unable to stop using harmful drugs.
  5. Psychiatrist: a doctor who studies and ill mental illness.
  6. Cannabis: a drug made from dried leaves and flowers of hemp plant which is smoked or eaten and which gives the user of a feeling of being relaxed.
  7. Alcohol: is a drink that can make people drunk and starts misbehaving.
  8. Illegal: something that is not allowed by the law.
  9. Psycho: a person is mentally ill and who behaves in very strange violent way.
  10. Student: a person is studying at a school.
  11. Social control agencies: these are means through which a society ensures conformity to the existing norms and values of the society.

Death if adequate remedial steps are not taken. It had constituted a set back in the lives of many and has been a menace in all aspect of human life.

       The study will concentrate on the causes and effect of drug abuse on students.

       The first chapter introduces the project work. It is the means to acquaint the readers with the basic information or knowledge of drug abuse. The chapter two will take a critical look at the explanations of drug abuse with special emphasis on the causes and effects of drug abuse among secondary school students. It will also review the literature of different scholars on the issues.

       The third chapter will discuss the research methodology, beginning with the description of the population, proceeding to the sample and sampling method, research instruments, procedures for data collection and finally, the method of data analysis.

       The fourth chapter will dwell on the presentation and analysis of data, testing the hypothesis and discussion of findings. The final chapter (chapter five) will deal with the summary, conclusion and recommendations.


       The menace of drug abuse among students has been the centre of attraction for comments, debates and discussion amongst the public, media and other intelligentsia.

       Drug abuse has been a problem in Oredo Local Government Area of Edo State Nigeria, cases of students appearing before school and community disciplinary committee, as well as psychiatric homes is on the increase.

       The phenomenon exhibits a great deal if worry in some parents, teachers, e.t.c, who are somehow not able to succeed in their attempt to control their addicted children or wards.

       The main purpose of the study is to find causes and effects of drug abuse in my community, Oredo Local Government Area of Edo State.


This research work is intended to cover some secondary school students within Oredo Local Government Area of Edo State.


This research work is an attempt to study drug abuse among students in selected Secondary Schools in Oredo Local Government Area of Edo State. I was stimulated by frequent cases of drug abuse amongst youths and its consequences.

       The research findings may apply to other parts of Nigeria. The purpose of this study is to;

  1. Find out why students abuse drugs.
  2. Find out the drug mostly abused in the area.
  3. To correct the situations by making useful suggestions by making useful suggestions to prevent or control the abuse of drugs.
  4. To investigate the effect of drug abuse on the academic performance of students.


Research of this nature could help in exposing and reducing the causes of drug abuse in Oredo and assist in the preventive measures to the ever increasing rates of drug abuse in the community and else where.


The objectives of this study are as follows;

  1. To identify and discuss the causes of drug abuse in Oredo local government area.
  2. To examine the effects of this drug abuse on the secondary school students of my Local Government Area.
  3. To critically examine some social theories which explain drug abuse?
  4. To suggest possible solution to these anti social tendencies among students.


Since the research has to be done along side with my work, the time obviously poses a problem and limit the extent of data is gathered.

       Another problem encountered is that of finance, in terms of transportation to target areas, distribution and printing of questionnaires and collection of data from the various schools.

       Getting the cooperation of respondents was an up hill task as most of them could not freely because of been exposed.

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