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1.0    General Introduction

Business policy is a mandatory course which is usually included in a typical management studies curriculum. The origin of business policy can be traced back to 1998 when the Harvard business school introduced an integrative course in management aimed at providing general management capability. This course was based on case studies which had been in use at the school for in structural purpose since (1990).

However, the real impetus for introducing business policy in the curriculum of business school (as management institutes or department are known, in United State of America US) came with publication of two reports in 1950 the Cordon and Howell reports sponsored by the foundation had recommended a captone curse of business policy which would give students an opportunity to pull together what they have learned in the separate business fields and utilize this knowledge in the analysis of complex business problems.         In 1969 the American Assemble of Collegiate School of Business (AACSB), a regulatory body for business policy, make a mandatory requirement for the purpose of recognition on the basic of a survey of research in business policy in India (1970-82) morthy concluded research in India (in business policy) has yet to come to grips with the job of general manager.

By the 1960, there was a demand for a critical look at the basic concept of business and its relationship to the environment. Strategy management can be detinal as the Art and Science of formulating implementing and evaluating a cross section of business decisions that enable an organisation to achieve its objectives (David, 1991), it is a process that focuses on all the functional areas of business to achieve organisation success, bearing in mind the environment.

According to Ducker (1974), the prime task of strategies management is thinking through the overall mission of a business that is asking the question” what is our business this lead to the settling of objective development of strategies and making of today’s decision for tomorrows result. This should be done by balancing the present objectives and needs against those of the future in the light of available resources (both the present and future) of men and materials the strategies management process is an objective, logical and systematic approach for making major decisions in an organisation, it attempts to organize qualitative and qualitative information in a way that allow effective decision to be made under condition of uncertainty or idle precedent. Most organisation can benefit from strategy management, which is base upon integration, intuition and analysis in decision making, this is because in some situation analytical thinking and intuition complement is bases on the belief that an organisation should continually monitor internal and external event and trends to that timely change can be made as needed.

An organisation must be capable of astutely identifying and adapting to chapter. The need to adapt to change tends the organisation to key questions such as. What kind of business should the firm engage in? Is the firm in the right field? Should the firm reshape its business? What strategies should it pursue?  Policy and strategy as applied to any organisation is that functions responsible for relating the organisation to it internal and external environment and also adopt itself to the consumers changing desire. It is a function responsible for among other they continually reaching the consumers needs creating services and services package designed to satisfy those services. However, Afri Bank Plc, Uyo is one of the sophisticated banks in Nigeria, it has branches all over the state. It is quite a long time since Afri Bank was established. Afri Bank involve in many bank services such as credit facilities discounting bills, promissory note as well as accepting bill from customers undertake the office of executive and trustee and take charge in secretary.

1.2    Statement of the Problem

The major problem of the study was to find out how business policy and strategy could be used as a means of achieving organisational objective in Afri Bank Plc Uyo as a case study firms. Though it is essential to apply policies and strategies in the bank services Afri Bank Plc Uyo has been unable to do so due to the many problem, facing them, problem like poor policy making and strategy formulate and poor services rendered to clients and as such customers have to wait for some time or before being attained to, consequently, the treatment would definitely general a negative reaction from the customers which no turn create unfavorable condition to bank.

Accordingly, Afri Bank Plc Uyo also encountered technological, social and economic for instance most bank in Nigeria required computer to control their activities effectively and efficiently but it is observed from the bank which is not accurate thereby creating problem between customers in the banks.

1.3    Objective of the Study

  1. To examine the application of policy and strategies to banking services in Afri Bank Plc Uyo.
  2. To determine the degree of customer satisfaction with the bank services
  3. To examine the obstacles how arts effective policy and strategy of the bank about the policy and strategy
  4. To identify skill required at all levels and provide them.
  5. To suggest strategies that the bank will be in a better position to satisfy its customers and at the same time realize optimum profit.
  6. To sustain efforts to improve effectiveness of it employees
  7. To mobilize the workforce for the pursuit of excellence and quality in all that we do.
  8. Finally to relationally determined the training needs of their subordinates and carryout on the job training as appropriate.

1.4    Research Questions

  1. To what extent does the policy aims at achieving organisational objective?
  1. Is the policy and strategy intended to guide activities and also built long term?
  2. Does the policy and strategy aimed at some principles and criteria which lead to plan, goals and objective?
  3. How important are the supplementary benefit of policy and strategy?
  4. Is it a task of strategy management to ensure that the company meet, the legitimate expectations and aspiration of its stakeholders?

1.5    Research Hypothesis

In this study, three set of hypothesis are formulated.

  1. Ho: Business policy and strategy does not help the organisation to achieve its objectives.

Hi: Business policy and strategy help the organisation to achieve its objective

  1. Ho: There are no benefits derived from business policy and      strategy

Hi: There are benefit derived from business policy and strategy

1.6    Scope of the Limitation of the Study

The research would identify the benefit associated with policy making and strategy formulation as a means of achieving organisation objective.

The research will create impact in the life of strategic managers on the advantage of policy and strategy. the research work will also serve as a sort of advice to the Afri Bank to encourage policy formulation and implementation and the need to have a periodic review of the policy statement the research will create awareness in the organisation about their though and action which will provide a guide for thanking in future planning.

The research would be of benefits to their researcher who may carryout more research on this topics or related area, it will serve as a source of reference material on them.

This material content is developed to serve as a GUIDE for students to conduct academic research

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