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The study Investigated into the consequence of drugs and related substance abuse on the study habits of students in Biology, Department of Federal College of Education, Abeokuta. The populations of the study are the biology students in the Department of Biology, School of Science, Federal College of Education Abeokuta, Ogun State.

A total of ninety copies of the questionnaire was distributed to the three levels of the biology student, where simple percentage and frequency was used in data analysis.

Based on the finding the consequence of drugs and related substances abuse are:

Experimental curiosity, peer group influence, lack of parental supervision, personality problems due to socio-economic conditions.

From the findings, drugs increase their sexual urge, helps to console them during the time of problem, some of them are used to calm down sick people.

So therefore government should enlighten the general public on the side effects of drug abuse, while parent should spend more time in checking the activities of their children both at home and in school.

Preventing drug abuse, there should be strengthening guidance and counseling,

Teaching about drug abuse as a subject enhancing communication between administration and students by encouraging a free atmosphere, tightening school rules and regulations to avoid loop holes.




The issue of drug and related substance abuse on adolescent is a world wide health problem which has identified by many bodies such as WHO RED CROSS etc. it is a problem of the World, Nigeria inclusive. Since the early times, herbs, leaves and plants have been use to heal and control diseases . The use of drugs in itself does not constitute any danger, because drugs correctly administered have been a blessing. Falco (1988) as cited by Sambo (2008) view that ‘Chronic use of substances can cause serious, sometimes irreversible damage to adolescents physical and psychological development. The use of drugs could be beneficial or harmful depending on the mode of use.

A drug refers to a substances that could bring about a change in the biological functions through its chemical action (Okoye, 2001). It is also considered as a substance that modifies perceptions, cognition, mood, behaviour and general body functions (Balogun, 2006). They could thus, be considered as a chemical modifiers of the living tissues that could bring about physiological and behavioural changes. (Nnachi, 2001).

Drug abuse is a major public health problem all over the world (UNODC) (2005). The use and abuse of drugs by adolescents have become one of the most disturbing health related phenomena in Nigeria and other parts of the world (NDLEAR; 1997). Several school going adolescent experience mental health programme either temporarily or for a long period of time. Some become insane, maladjusted to school situations and eventually drop out of school. Medically speaking, drug is any substances other than food which when used affects the physiological and or psychological state of the body when a drug is used for its beneficial purpose, it is called a medicine, but the term drug should be reserved for those substances of abuse and addiction e.g. alcohol, cocaine, heroine, cigarette etc.

The Nigeria Drug Law Enforcement (especially) the school boys and girls and youths of between ages of 15-30 years constitute the high risk group with female getting more involved than they used to, Ibaf (1985) in his classification of psychiatric patients on admission releaved that 82.6percent are between age 11-35 years.

So, if drugs is used in a manner that deviates from medical prescription, or socially acceptable patterns within the society, whose immediate or long term effects is injurious to the person, it is called drug abuse. Medical records have account of some persons who have taken alcohol in excess, and ended up in fatal accident. Some people have taken Kolanut or coffee in excess and in the process caused damages to their Central Nervous System (CNS), many herbalists, have caused a lot of irreparable damages to their patients due to the administration of herbal substances beyond acceptable doses.


The effect of drug and related substances abuse on adolescent students start from the time of administration into higher institutions or secondary school level. Many of these problems also arise from various homes or by not having enough parental care either from mother or father. His broken home brings out a lot of problem to their children or kids.

The researcher is now attempting to identify the various reasons that make the adolescent students to abuse drugs and related substances particularly in schools. Finally, the problem of this study is to investigate the consequences of drugs and related substances abuse on the study habit of students in Biology Department, Federal College of Education, Abeokuta.

1.3              PURPOSE OF THE STUDY

The purpose of the study is to find out the extent of drug and substance abuse among the students of Biology Department of Federal College of Education, Osiele, Abeokuta with reference to the effect of drug and substance the problem that militates against the effect of drug and substance abuse on the adolescent students.

Lastly to suggest some possible solutions or recommendations to the problems and it consequences among students.

1.4              RESEARCH QUESTION

1)      Why do students take drugs and substances?

2)      Do students use drugs and related substances while studying or reading?

3)      What are the effect of abusing drug and substances?

4)      To what extent do the students use drugs?

5)      Can drugs and related substances affect the study habit of a student?

6)      How can we find a solution to these problems of drug and substances abuse among the adolescent students?

7)      What are the consequences of drugs and related substance abuse on the study habit of students?

8)      What factors will the students consider to be responsible for drugs abuse in school?


The study is significant to adolescents students in the following ways:

i.                           To known the effect of drugs and related substances abuse on the study habit of students

ii.                         To caution the students on the use of drugs and related substances that are not medically supervised or prescribed by Doctors

iii.                       To know the possible reasons why student involve in drug abuse.


The study was limited to Biology student in Biology Department, Federal College of Education, Abeokuta which comprises of 100L, 200L and 300L respectively.

1.7              DEFINITION OF TERMS

1)      Investigation : Inquire into, or to examine

2)      Consequence: Result of effect of what has gone before

3)      Drug: it is a medical substances

4)      Habit: settled regular tendency

5)      Narcotics: Drug that must be prescribed by doctors before they can be used.

6)      Biology: A study of living organism

7)      Abuse: use improperly or misuse

8)      Excess: Exceeding

9)      Trafficking: Engaging in the sales of narcotics

10)  Substances: particular kind of material having uniform properties

11)  Adolescent: Between childhood and adulthood

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