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In this thesis, the researchers did all her best to see that no step necessary for carrying out a qualitative and quantitative research study was ignored.  The objective of this study is to provide readers of the project, with information on how a survey work incentive offered influence the organizational success in Ama Breweries, 9th Mile Corner, Ngwo.
It is also very important to the practicing managers who constantly needs to refresh and update their knowledge.Other revelations were that:
(1)     A survey incentives offered present in the organization are few and the little ones are not permanent entitlements to the recipient of such benefits.
(2)     The involvement of workers in setting up a survey work incentives offered was found to be non-existent.
Benefits and services represent a tangible gain to employees inform if monetary or non-monetary rewards.As the years roll by diverse fringe benefit continue to be introduced. Ubeku (1985) notes that fringe benefits have grown in the country today as a result of the economic situation while others have grown either as a result of presave from trade unions or from sheer imitation. He further notes that ones a benefit has been given to an employee, it would be difficult to remove.          
Nwachukwu (1984) in a related study points out that Nigerian employers offers many types of benefits which are competitive and imitative in nature. Flippo 91971) lists some of the most frequently cited advantages of offering employee services which include effective recruitment, improved moral and loyalty, good public relations- (by effective recruitment) I mean the ability of the organisation to employ and retain the right class of personnel in their employ.          
This study, however attempts to examine the importance of a survey incentives service to the employees in particular and the Nigeria Coal Corporation, Enugu in general and how the incentives scheme have helped to enhance productivity the organisation. It also aims of finding out whether or not there is positive relationship between satisfaction and productivity and how far the benefits administration in Nigeria Coal corporation, commensurate productivity in the organisation and whether the all fringe benefits they receive and why.         
 Finding, the research seeks to justify the contention that “A survey incentives offered does not necessarily increase productivity but at best, acts as hygiene factors and why inspite of such believe organisations continued to provide incentives services scheme to their employees.
The assumption that Nigeria workers are other salary supplements, such as paid leave, free health care programme, bonus, pension and gratuity plans, insurance has received some support from leads to setting up at Eleven different commission on salary review between 1934 and 1938. All these were done in the assumption that workers can be motivated to achieve the goal of the organisation through valued incentives.         
 Finally it has not yet been known the type of incentives available to the employees of the newly established.

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