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Imo state and many other states in Nigeria with characteristics features of under development such as low level of productive technologies, high unemployment rate, large unskilled population, low level of aggregate demand etc.

Having recently recognized the relevance of vocational education in providing the engine for rapid economic growth.

This study finds out the factors that may hinder the effective use of vocational education in Imo state. The researcher came to the conclusion that there is a significant relationship performance appraisals engenders employees motivation and facilitates the control of workers in organization.




The national policy on education defined education as a process through which a society attains changes: economically and otherwise usually for the better.

Looking at education as we have it today one can see that we have attained social and cultural changes, but economically we are, we no where. Thus the Western education tended to ignore our traditional education whose main guiding principle was functionalism or “Jon oriented emphasis”. It also combined physical training with character building and manual activity with intellectual training. These have persisted till date.

Education as an instrument of change should serve as an aid to the solution of societal problems. But it would appear that after all, western education has not the magic that it is supposed to have in solving our economic problems than it created. It has so far enabled us to achieve political independence yet such social problems like stealing, cheating, gross indiscipline etc with the outcome of unemployment and under-employment, the school dropouts, the never do wells and the like. All are products of our present system of education instead of forming the base for our technological development after 49 years of independence, the country is still a consumer oriented economy instead of production oriented economy.

India and China (countries thought to be in the third world) are enjoying their present economic status today’s because their education was and still is vocational oriented.

According to Philip Stoke Commission (1922) education as applied in Africa had been too literary and two classical to be useful, that at the end of the school courses, the school leaves were not fit to meet any of employed as clerks. He also said that there had been over production of those who can read and write undersupply of those who can till and repair.

According to hi the first step in adapting education to the needs of the society was to realize that Africans live both in urban and rural areas and so need agriculture for the urbans.

One can see from the above that the importance of education is its position as an instrument of change and development. This gave rise to the educational research going through a phase of great expansion and more so today it is the centre of educators and politicians (during the days of politics) themselves to involve a system that will clear itself some authorities then suggest that recourse could be taken to “Vocational education”


Imo State as a developing state had scarcely attracted the attention of the voluntary agencies who had been the main generators of the growth and development of the vocational schools.

There has been a general misconception of the nature and purpose of vocational and technical education in developing state as a whole.

Vocational institutions and technical institutions even in their crudest forms are relatively more expensive than the academic oriented secondary institutions. The cost of building and maintaining them is approximately three times that of a grammar school.

Most industries in the state are still in their infancy and no plans are made so that products  of vocational and technical schools who do not proceed to higher education would be needilu employed in the industries and if possible trained further by the industries.


The Purpose of this Study is to investigate whether vocational education is needed in developing the economy of Imo State based on the stated problems, and to ascertain whether it would.

1 Transform the states consuming-oriented economy to that of production-oriented economy.

1.    Minimize the issue of school dropouts

3 Check unemployment

Contribute towards the state’s manpower requirement. Recommendations it made use of will enhance more practical approach to economic progress. It will also help government and educational ministry in reorganizing the school curriculum, reordering the education priorities and encourage private agencies to set up craft schools.


It will assist individuals through guidance to make a wise decision in the choice of a career.

It helps in increasing the options available to each individual by way of providing alternatives to enable then make use choice of career.

It will prepare individuals for entry into employment with skills and competence which will enable them advance in the chosen occupation.

It will serve as a motivating factor to individual who have chosen vocational and technical education, and who have interest in vocational education and who want to project from it by enhancing their learning opportunities.


Does Imo state as a developing state need education that is more practically oriented in order to develop its economy?

Does Vocational Education put into consideration individuals aptitude, interest, ambition and available resources and therefore should be encouraged.?

Is Vocational Education the base of the technological take off of this state?

Are there problems facing Vocational Education developing in Imo State? Are they encouraged?


Imo State need Vocational Education as a developing state for the development of its economy.

Vocational Education puts into consideration individuals aptitude, interest, ambition and available resources

Vocational Education is the base for technological take off of this state.

there are problems facing Vocational Education development in Imo State.


Due to limited time factor this study is limited only to Imo State as the case study.

This material content is developed to serve as a GUIDE for students to conduct academic research

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